How To Order The Progress of A Decorating Project

We all love that feeling of having your home space feel and look like you want it to. However, the whole decorating project may seem overwhelming when there is so much to choose from and so many decisions to make. The best way to go about it is to simply organize yourself. Rather than approach the project in a haphazard manner throwing in everything you like, you should come up with a plan that matches all you want and fits it in your house in the shortest time possible. You need to systematically order your interior renovation Long Island project to avoid wastage, mismatches, and taking too long.

Plan Ahead


The first step in a accomplishing a successful interior design project is by having a solid plan of action. To begin with, you need to find inspiration on what you want your home or office space to look like at the end of the project. This may come from your own imagination, your family’s observation, or from a magazine picture. It may also be borne out of wanting to make the room or house revolve around a particular feature. For instance, you want the whole room designed around the fireplace, a chandelier, a picture, or even a big screen TV.

Determine Function

Once you get your inspiration for your interior renovation you need to figure out the functionality of every piece and align it to what you will mostly use the room for. For instance, if it is a dining room then you need to make it easily accessible from the kitchen and the living room too. You will need to place appropriate furniture in a way that makes service easy and enhances the dining experience. When considering function, decide which types of furniture, electronics, and fixtures you require.

Begin By Dismantling

An interior decorating project sometimes feels like an artistic painting. To get your fresh canvas you need to remove everything from the room first. Remove all light fixtures, furniture, window coverings, carpets, floorboards, and whatever else is necessary to achieve that.


Once you have your empty shell, you can now start the rebuilding process. Begin with all the necessary interior construction. These may include replacing doors and windows, building a fire place, putting up partitions, installing new floors, building a new ceiling, installing a fan, or putting up a new book case. To achieve an even coat and avoid smudges, paint first before installing some of the fixtures.

Decorative Moldings


Once you have built up the internal constructions, you now have a room with some basic utilities but it still does not express your individuality and creativity. Some of the best moldings you can use to decorate a room include crown moldings, mantles, chair moldings, casings, stair rails, and chair rails. Book case frames and fireplace frames are also great and popular decorative moldings that you may wish to consider.

Cover the Details

Your room is at this stage starting to look like what you envisaged when you were dreaming at the inspiration stage. Now you need to take care of the finer details. One of the primary concerns should be lighting. Get your preferred lighting fixtures and make sure you get the correct lighting intensity to enhance the mood of the room. Some rooms need to be very bright while others provide a better ambience in dim light. Work on the window treatments starting from nearest the glass then finishing with the cornices, valances, and draperies.


You have made your room and now you need to accessorize to complete the room. Start with the largest and heaviest pieces of furniture and the ones closest to the floor or wall. Put in all the other decorative features such as place rugs, sculptures, paintings, aquariums, and plants. Put in the books into the bookshelves and place your photos. You may also need to do some touch-up paintwork at this point.

An Interior decorating is all about your personal tastes and style, and the functionality of the room. For a perfect finish, you need to carefully plan all your steps so as to end up with the room you envisioned.