How To Redecorate Your Home The Earth-Friendly Way

Are you tired of how your home looks? Are you thinking of giving it a makeover? If you are, then why not go green when it comes to redecorating your home? There are many eco-friendly yet savvy ways to redecorate your house.

Reclaimed Wood

If you’re after a more contemporary, modern look, then think shiny and bright. Say for example granite overlay kitchen countertops. They’re very neat-looking, streamlined, and so easy to clean, but they can be pretty expensive, too.

You can achieve the same effect though by using reclaimed wood instead. They look rich and handsome, so they will always be a perfect choice for more modern-looking kitchen countertops. Reclaimed wood is also perfect for flooring as well as walls.

Reuse Things

When redecorating the house, there’s always the urge to throw the old furniture and furnishings out. Old window frames, old doors, and even old flooring and molding are even demolished to make way for new replacements. However, if you want to go green, this practice is a big no-no. Instead of demolishing your home, why not deconstruct it instead?

Redecorate Your Home

For example, instead of throwing out the old window frames in your living room, you can simply reuse it for your storage shed. You can even reinstall them in your kitchen. The living room windows are usually larger than that of the kitchen’s, but in the end though, you’re going to save money on materials. You only have to widen the window openings to fit the old window frames, rather than buy new frames.

Old furnishings, too, can go to another room. Take for example your living room chandelier; you can simply relocate it to your kitchen. Really, you don’t have to throw away old things. You can reuse them instead.

New Appliances

If you’re thinking of buying new appliances for your kitchen perhaps, then choose energy-efficient ones. For example, in choosing refrigerators as well as ovens, see to it that it has the Energy Star logo. This means that the appliances have passed quality when it comes to energy efficiency. Yes, they may be more expensive, but in the end, you’re going to save a lot of money on energy costs.

Pre-owned Furniture

Pre-owned furniture doesn’t necessarily mean old, battered, and shabby furniture. There are tons of pre-owned furniture that are still in excellent condition, and you only have to know where to look.

There are several retailers in the country that are offering fabulous pre-owned furniture and furnishing. Their products even include high-end kitchen cabinets and countertops that will go well with most modern kitchens.

One tip though; be sure to check the retailer first before you make any purchase. Make sure they have a good reputation and deal honestly with their customers.

Redecorating Your Rooms

Having beautiful furniture and furnishings though isn’t enough to make a fabulous room. You have to have some skills when it comes to interior designing your home. If you know next to nothing about home designs, then get in touch your local interior designer. Just make sure though that they’ve handled green home designs. They can help you achieve a greener, more environmentally-friendly home.