How To Get Consistently Good Wedding Photos

The wedding day or night is the one moment where there are a thousand things happening at the same time, all on an escalated level, of course. And as attentive hosts, more often than not, you’ll find yourself right in the middle of it. This can sure as hell take a toll on the pictures- one of the most important elements of a wedding. However, there’s a solution. Preparation is the key. Here are five easy ways how you can ensure awesome pictures throughout the evening.

1)   Create a list

Create a list

As much as you might hate to admit it, we know that secretly you’ve been stashing away pointers in your mental list, since the first wedding you attended. Now that the silver bells are about to ring for you, it’s time to put that mental list down on paper, especially when it comes to photos. Because, well, this is the only shot you’ll have at getting rid of the cliched poses and regrets. Seek the eternal wisdom of Google, brainstorm with your photographer. The perfectly complete photo-list should have all your favorite photo-compositions, locations and people you HAVE TO be photographed with.

2)   Inform


Whether you’re taking the wedding photo-shoot outdoors or intend to have an especially composed picture with a specific set of people, don’t forget to inform all parties concerned. Weddings are those days, when anyone who can get lost, does. And that is intensified all the more when the person is needed urgently. Some are getting drunk before you can even enter the reception venue; some are burning the dance floor like it is apocalypse already; while some others are too emotional to comprehend even the simplest directives. To make sure that all important people in your life get photographed,inform them about your plan well in advance. For the sake of your own sanity and that of your photographer’s, assign a ‘coordinator’ whose main job will be to make sure everyone is right where you need them and when. .

3)   Scout for location

Scout for location

For those gorgeous, near-exotic photos in gorgeous, near-exotic places, you’re going to have to go location-scouting- BEFORE the wedding and at different points in the day, if you may. Most professional wedding photographers have their own map of awesome locations that they’re all too willing to share. Again, discuss, brainstorm and visit. It’ll help you figure if the place meets up to your expectations, is photogenic and what are the best conditions to get the best photos. Brides can practice that tricky walk down the beach in their couture gowns, grooms can practice to handle their brides and both can practice how to get their toes wet and dirty.

4)   Save the best for the last


We mean, save the best smile for the last. Have you ever been in a photo-session where you’ve had to smile constantly like a goofy idiot? Smiling right from the first shot can leave your cheeks feeling like cement mixers before you’re even halfway through the evening. So, by the time you’ve reached the second half of the reception, your face feels as stiff as a board. There’s one simple trick to iron out this issue. Save your best profile, angle and smile for the last. After the nuptials and the first dance, the next most intimate pictures are usually shot once the party’s over and all order has been restored. `

5)   Have fun!


It’s your wedding. And it’s the only one you’ll have (or, so we hope)! Wedding photography isn’t only about the romantic and nice pictures. Have fun like there’s no tomorrow. You’ve earned it. Make funny faces, allow yourself to be photo-bombed, jump around, steal a kiss from the beloved, laugh off the glitches, and embrace the ugly pictures as happily as you would the beautiful ones. Every now and then, you’ll find the most impromptu photos turn out to be best. Moreover, the wedding, the food, the music, it will all pass, but these memories will always be there, waiting to crack your face into a smile.

Donald Evans is so passionate about photography, that he has now taken it up professionally. As an avid traveler and freelance blogger, he has shown great interest in exploring the deepest realms of the world.