How To Avoid Holiday Shopping Car Accidents

By Subodh / December 31, 2013

Hustle and bustle, hurry and scurry often seems to be the theme for end of year activities. If you learned how to drive defensively, that is you can’t know what the other person is going to do, you only know and control what you are going to do, now is the time to practice it in full force. Because others won’t, you can be ahead of the game if you turn down the radio, get off the cell phone, calm the chatter in your mind and focus on the road.

The holidays in Charlotte are not any different than any other part of the country. There are people rushing about trying to prepare for the holidays; there is much worry about such as finishing up critical work projects, concern about travel arrangements, what to buy for gifts, getting them wrapped, cards to buy, decorations to hang. Anxiety about what clothes should be worn, arrangements to make for dinner, what to cook, who to invite and is that uncle coming are just a few of the issues that can have a tendency to become overwhelming.

There are people that have had too much to drink at company celebrations, and there are people that are over tired and over stressed by the chaos this season brings. All of these events, however, have one other thing in common: they lead to car accidents.

It is a fact that more vehicular accidents occur during the winter holiday season than in any other time of the year. If you are the unfortunate victim of a vehicular mishap in the Mecklenburg County area of North Carolina, before making final signatures on insurance documents, check in with a car accident lawyer in Charlotte NC to learn of all your rights. You may however be able to avoid a holiday incident by understanding the many things that can contribute to that statistic. Knowing what the most common reasons for accidents are during this period will help you avoid being in that situation.

Weather. The holidays also coincide with winter weather in many regions of the country. Snow, ice, rain, sleet, and other dangerous weather can occur anytime. Make sure you are prepared for inclement weather and always allow yourself enough time to arrive at your destination so that you do not have to drive too fast in bad weather conditions.

Tired Drivers. Tired drivers often maneuver the roads in a very reckless manner like intoxicated drivers. They may weave in and out of lanes, neglect to use turn signals, speed up and slow down randomly, and occasionally will brake for no apparent reason. Being overtired can lead to the cause as of many accidents as drivers who are under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

angry driver

Aggressive Drivers. As holidays can bring out the best in people, sadly, they can also bring about the worst in people. Tempers are short and people can become very aggressive when they are in the driver’s seat. You need to watch for people that are weaving in and out of traffic and those who are riding too close and tail-gating because they are in a hurry.

Distracted Drivers. Many people are in a rush during the holidays and are trying to multi-task, even when they are behind the wheel. Look out for distracted operators that are trying to talk, text, or look at something in the seat next to them.

Intoxicated Drivers. There are a lot of holiday celebrations taking place throughout the month. It is not unusual for intoxicated drivers to be on the road at any time of the day during this time. The highest amount of drunk driving related accidents during the holidays occur between four and six in the evening.

Inexperienced Drivers. Newer and younger drivers may not have the wisdom or experience to be able to navigate heavy traffic jams and inclement weather. Nerves can trigger hasty ill-made decisions. While senior drivers have decades of experience, eyesight and peripheral vision diminish with age as well as reflex speed.

Parking Lot Confrontations. Fighting for parking spaces at the mall or other retail center can lead to accidents. After circling round and round for half an hour, the word “fair” is dropped from the vocabulary of those trying to park at the mall. It is truly amazing how reckless some people can be just to park ten feet closer to the store. You were there first, but it doesn’t stop another from taking the advantage and swooping in to claim the coveted rectangle.

Your ego may be bruised to allow the other driver to “win” the space, but remember that the space is not worth wrecking your car, and dealing with the ensuing legalities and insurance claims. Think about it in terms of giving that person a gift; silently thank for the opportunity and keep it moving. Also pat yourself on the back as the few extra steps you have to make will also be beneficial to your health.

Looking for these types characteristics in others behind the wheel of a car should allow you to avoid many potential accidents during the holiday season. While it is impossible to account for all the actions of another driver, this list contains the most common events that occur. If you are involved in an accident during the holidays, make sure you inform the police, seek appropriate medical care and consult a personal injury attorney to protect your rights.