How To Avoid Problems When Long Distance Moving

By Subodh / May 11, 2013

Moving from one place to another is indeed a hard process. Aside from the fact that your social capital can potentially turn to zero in your new location, the physical transfer of your belongings can also be exhausting. Your move will be more pleasant and stress free if you avoid some problems.

When my husband, Joshua, got assigned to Vancouver three years into our marriage, I was kind of sad about leaving our relatively new home in Toronto. But of course, we had to prioritize his promotion since it is our major source of income. It’s also a good thing that the company I’m working for recently expanded in Vancouver so it was the best time for me to transfer. So when everything became final, we planned and prepared for our big move.


When the day came for us to travel, and for our movers to pack and deliver our belongings, we were convinced that we had everything in place. However, as soon as they began loading our stuff, boy, were we wrong! Numerous issues came up and we had to handle each one at a time. So if you’re planning to move to another province anytime soon, take note of the following tips that will surely help you.

Get the phone number of your mover

I suggest you can get the direct number of the moving firm’s drivers/loaders as this can save hassles later, that’s what we did and it really helped. We needed to contact them on the road as we were a bit delayed at the airport. All went well in the end!

Bring your most important documents with you.

Bring your personal documents in your vehicle or on the plane with you. While movers can take them in their truck, there may be times when you require certain document on your way to the destination. During our big move, I decided to leave my big box of documents with the movers. When we arrived to Vancouver, we were asked for our pet dog’s certificate as he had become a bit sick. And since it was on the truck, we had to wait for a few hours to be able to present the documents. So whether you own a pet or not, make sure that you have your documents with you. You’ll never know what proof or certificates agencies might ask for. You may even need finance documents or contacts of people which I had also put in the truck.

Remind your realtor of your moving date.

We really did not have a problem with this since our agent was already at our new home before we arrived. However, it pays to give him/her a call a few days before moving to make sure that everything is ready. You wouldn’t want so spend a night in a hotel because your home isn’t ready yet, would you?

Make sure to update all your identification and billing information.

Now this one is actually standard procedure. Before leaving your old home and upon arriving in the new one, make sure that all your information is updated. These include licenses, bills and subscriptions. Update your billing address to avoid penalties caused by late payments, or worse, not being able to get important notices.

Problems are inevitable when moving, but of course, it pays to be ready. You can do a lot for yourself, as though the movers are doing their job, you need to also be on the ball as well for you and your family’s sake. Make some lists and checklists and this will really help. I didn’t really do this as well as I should have done, so learn from my mistakes!