How To Create A Custom Address Plaque As A Gift

Are you looking for that perfect gift to give for a special occasion? A custom address plaque is the perfect option. Not only will this allow you to give a unique, one-of-a-kind gift, but the recipient will appreciate it for years to come. A custom-made address plaque can help make a home stand out and is perfect for helping visitors, and even emergency responders, find one’s home without any hassle.

Before ordering your gift, you need to look at your options and determine exactly how you want your custom address plaque to look. Below are the steps you can take to learn how to create a custom address plaque as a gift.

 Choose Mounting Option


The first step is determining how you want the custom address plaque to be displayed. You can choose to hang it on the outside of the home or garage by mounting it to an outside wall, or you can choose to hang the sign from a special post. You also need to need to determine if you want the sign to hang horizontally or vertically.

 Select the Right Emblem

You will be able to choose from hundreds of different emblems and symbols to put on your sign. You can find all types of emblems, including animals, birds, fish, insects, flowers, fruit, sports, symbols, trees, buildings, flags, and so much more. Think about what the recipient of the address plaque likes to do or things that are important to them. Perhaps, the recipient loves skiing, then you could include a ski design on the plaque.

 Consider Adding a Custom Picture

If after looking through the wide selection of emblems you cannot find the perfect one, or if you want to give a truly unique gift, you may want to consider adding a custom picture. If you provide the company with a picture or drawing of virtually anything, they can transform the picture or image into a life-like design on the address plaque. For example, if the recipient of the gift loves his/her dog, if you send along a picture with your order, they can paint an image of the dog right on the plaque.

Determine the Shape for the Sign

Now you can determine the shape for your sign. There are many different shapes to choose from, including varies sizes of oval, arch and rectangular signs, as well as, a variety of bordered signs. You should select the sign shape that will best display your emblem or custom design and the one you feel the recipient of your gift would like the most.

Pick Your Colors

You also need to pick what colors you want to use for your background, trim and text. You can pick from a wide selection of colors options, such as glass black, matte black, pure white, off white, grey, dark green, dark blue, burgundy, bronze, copper, gold and silver. You should select colors that the person you are giving the gift to likes, and will match the exterior of their home.

 Choose Your Wording

Finally, you want to determine exactly what you want to put on your personalized house sign. You may want to include the last name of the person you are giving the gift to. One the other hand, you can decide just to put the street number on the sign, or include the name of the street on the sign, as well.

High-quality plaques are powder coated and individually sand casted. These cast iron signs are made with durable materials that are built to last. It may take several weeks to receive your sign after placing the order, so plan ahead. Whether you plan to give a custom address plaque as a gift for a birthday, anniversary, retirement, or any other special occasion, the recipient is sure to love it.