How To Create The Best Living Space For You Using Feng Shui

The term ‘Feng Shui’ literally translated into English is ‘wind-water’ and was historically used within orient buildings and spiritually significant structures such as tombs and places of worship. The fundamentals of Feng Shui are based around creating powerful unobstructed energy to nourish you and eliminating any sharp energy or ‘shi cha’. So that’s the basics…

Like most people, when I heard the words ‘Feng Shui’ uttered for the first time it did fill me with a little bit of dread. As with anything unknown; I didn’t really know what to expect. I was imagining strict rules for where to put everything and crazy tidying regimes, but, without trying to undermine ancient Chinese traditions, in Western terms, it’s really just a state of mind mixed with a little common sense.

Nowadays Feng Shui can be used to create a healthy space to aid creativity; or reportedly even help your love life! I have always been a strong believer in ‘tidy desk, tidy mind’ and I can’t study or write if I’m surrounded by mess as I find that I get really distracted. This is a really simple form Feng Shui which I think is really do-able for everyday life.

How To Achieve Your Positive Energy

Feng Shui

Bedroom Feng Shui is a great way to improve how well you sleep and can also have a healthy impact on your relationship. A great step that I personally wish I could take is to move all electrical appliances such as TV, laptops and phones out of the bedroom as they supposedly destroy positive energy. I don’t know about you, but I sleep with my Blackberry under my pillow and I normally fall asleep to my iPod…
A few other easy things that you can do are to make sure that the bed is approachable from both sides, to make sure the door is always closed at night whilst you sleep and to have bedroom light on several levels, meaning bedside lamps are a great thing!

The final step is to simply make sure that your bedroom is clean and tidy, with all work or exercise related things put away out of sight, or even better, out of the room completely!

I understand, from first-hand experience that if you are a student or still live at home, this is quite difficult. My uni room is strewn with my Yoga mat and textbooks, amongst the piles of clothes and baskets of nail varnish! These things are not so good for my positive energy. I may have a tidy desk, but sometimes the washing takes over, you know?

In terms of office Feng Shui you should make sure that you are facing the door at your desk as sitting with your back to the entrance of the room makes you subconsciously more vulnerable and therefore less able to react to situations that you aren’t expecting. The tidy desk rule also applies here as well; it’s very hard to have clarity if you are surrounded by clutter.
You can also Feng Shui your mind in order to create daily goals and professional intentions; this is great for when the unexpected hits as your core should be unshakeable! A daily mantra is also a great way to focus the mind and can give you a brave face for a tough day at work. Why not try; “Today I am calm, in control and will be confident in every action I take.”

The kitchen is the most important room in terms of Feng Shui as it is the part of the home that nourishes and sustains life. Top tips for a perfectly Feng Shui kitchen are to keep it simple and not overloaded with gadgets and bring something living into the centre of the room, such as some flowers or a bowl of fresh fruit that will bring an uplifting energy! Another great way to bring some life into your kitchen is with a bright workshop; something that will make you smile when you walk into your kitchen will set you up for day much better than that morning coffee!

What do you think? Can you work in mess or does everything have a place?