How to Find The Ideal Flatmate

By Subodh / April 22, 2013

After you’ve decided to rent somewhere, there are still many things to think about, not least including finding a housemate. That’s why I’ve put together some tips on locating the ideal flatmates, so you can have a great time living in your new abode.

1)      Keep your friends close…

And your flatmates closer by asking your pals to move in with you. When you’re at university, your friends are the first people you typically ask to move into student accommodation with you and this is often the best move to make. Being able to live in such close quarters with your best pals is great fun, and you will have lots of good times hanging out together and creating a close friendship.

However, be aware that it is not always a bed of roses living with your friends, and you can find it challenging at times to put up with their annoying habits and mood swings. This can be hard when you’ve not seen your good friends act a certain way before. It’s best to take their bad moods with a pinch of salt – no one’s perfect and you’ll have some great times with them overall. Besides no one knows you as well as your closest pals do, so they’re more likely to forgive you for your low moments too.


2)      Look online

One method of finding a housemate that is growing in popularity is looking online. There are several websites these days that are designed to help you find a housemate, including, and Gumtree. On these websites, all you have to do is list information about the room being let out, the location of the property and the lifestyle they can have if they live there, such as whether it is near to shops, restaurants or a park.

It is a good idea to put photos on the websites as well, as this is likely to draw more attention from prospective room mates. Once you’ve got a bit of interest in the room, you can organise viewings to meet your potential housemate.

This is a good opportunity for both of you to learn a bit more about each other and for them to see the accommodation. After you’ve had a few people come to view the property, you’ll hopefully find the perfect housemate.

3)      Ask for help in your union

If you’re still at university and you’re looking for someone to move into a student property with, you could advertise in your student union.

Ask if you can put up a post saying you’re searching for a housemate, some information about yourself and where you’ve found – or would like – to live.

If you’ve just left university but still live in the nearby area, you can ask the student union whether it’s still ok to advertise there, or you can go elsewhere to look for a housemate. Newsagents, libraries and cafes often have notice boards where students and professionals can post adverts and requests.

The best way to attract attention is to provide details about who you’re looking for, with several tabs that have your phone number on. This is a good way for people to easily get your contact details without having to find a pen to scribble your information down, and you’ll be able to tell whether your notice has received much interest by seeing how many tabs have been taken.

4)      Find a friend on Facebook

The other option is to look on Facebook – you might find that simply posting a message saying you’re looking for someone to live with will result in a lot of interest. If you get mates to share this and try to remind your Facebook friends on a regular basis, you could find enough people see your request and you find a suitable flatmate in no time!

Natasha Al-Atassi is a property and student news writer for luxury student accommodation brand Vita Student, collating the latest industry news about student property in the UK, the Vita Student brand and information to help students currently at university.