How To Get Rid of a Dog’s Bad Breath

Dogs can have bad breath (a.k.a. halitosis) just as much as humans can. Oftentimes it is caused by poor digestion, but you can learn how to get rid of a dog’s bad breath.


Besides not digesting food properly because of a poor diet, a dog might have food stuck in it’s teeth. This could cause odor that could easily be removed at least in most cases.

The only time it would be difficult to get rid of a dog’s bad breath is if the animal is suffering health wise. Therefore, both home care and professional car is briefly covered below.

dog bad breath

Solution #1-Clean out your Dog’s Mouth:

This can be done using a variety of methods. You could use a finger brush or toothbrush to scrub your canine animals teeth or gums. When doing so, make sure you use a toothpaste made for dogs that is not harmful when swallowed.

When you brush your dog’s mouth make sure you pay special attention to the gum line just above the teeth. Take your time while doing this and the best time to do so is when your dog is calm or sleepy and not playful.
Note also that your dog is more likely to cooperate if the animal is used to you doing this while the pet is still a puppy. Proper home hygiene can cut down your vet bill, by the way.

You can also use dog mints or mouthwash. This will further help you kill plague and tartar that if ignored could leave to gingivitis. You are advised to brush your dog’s teeth at least two times a week.

Solution #2-Chance your dog’s diet:

One important step is to cut down on the amount of meat you give your dog. Furthermore, consumption any other high-fat human foods by your dog should be drastically reduced. Instead, increase the dog’s consumption of veggies or rice.

You should also make sure your canine pet comes in as little contact with soil, dead plants, and dog waste as possible. These could increase possibility of contamination by bacterial and other pathogens that leads to excessive odor in the mouth.

Solution #3-Monitor your Dog’s Health

Just to make sure that your dog is not suffering a serious health condition of which results in bad breath, have your dog checked out. It is better to be safe than sorry and it is best if you take your dog to the vent as soon as possible.

You are also advised to take your dog to an animal doctor once a year for a more through and professional teeth cleaning. This may be one time when more serious problems (if any) can be recognized.

Solution #4-Additional Tip

Make sure you wash and rinse out your dog’s food and water dishes regularly. This will prevent bacterial buildup and as a result this simple action will reduce that mouth odor will occur.

You should also change your dog’s water at least once a day. After all, you would not want to drink dirty water would you? This advice should help you get rid of a dog’s bad breath in a reasonable amount of time-or prevent it.