How To Get Rid of a Fake Tan or Streaks

By Subodh / June 8, 2011

Oftentimes a fake tan is very noticeable. For one, your skin may be an orangery color instead of a tan or gold color if you have just tried to use a sunless tanning lotion.

Another problem with people who want to get rid of a fake tan or streaks is that uneven skin tones will be very noticeable. There are different ways to remedy this situation.

Ways to get rid of fake tan color or uneven color streaks are shown below:

  • Taking a long bath could help immensely. Otherwise, you can go out and swim. This works best if your body is completely orange, but remember removing the orange could take several bathing or swimming session.
  • You could try using body hair bleach, baking soda, or hydrogen peroxide (one of these and NOT all ingredients together). This is another remedy that is especially helpful on completely orange skin.
  • ¬†When using hydrogen peroxide to bleach your skin test it on a small, non-revealing location on your skin. This will help you learn how it will affect your skin and whether or not it would irritate your skin.
  • Use an exfoliation treatment. Even soft washcloth or special skin-cleansing sponge and plain warm bath water can do the trick. Rinse with cool water to re-seal your skin pores. This remedy is ideal for correcting problems on your legs and arms.
  • If you want, you could could apply baby oil or use exfoliation treatments a half an hour before taking a bath. This would be part of a regimen you can use on your legs or arms.

Repeat whatever method above you prefer to use several times. Persistence and patience is what is going to help you most get rid of the skin discoloration or streaks. You might even have to try a different method if another does not work, but do not do it in the same day.

More Helpful Guidance

You can prevent turning the wrong color in the first place when you administer a fake tan product. One thing you can do it avoid getting water on your skin for a minimum of one hour, but even for up to two or three hours.

This means you should not take a shower or bath for this long after using the sunless tanning lotion. You are also advised not to participate in any strenuous activity that could cause perspiration. This is the fastest way to cause tanning lotion streaking.

Of course, also you should test the tanning solution on an inconspicuous (hidden) area of your skin. This will best help you learn how it would react on you. Just keep in mind that the texture of skin locations such as the top of your hand are a little bit different than perhaps your abs or thighs.

Testing the skin product will also help determine if it will cause some kind of allergic reaction or irritation, too. This is important to know as it could be a bit uncomfortable or painful to you if you to experience burning, stinging, or even itching all over when you use it.