How To Get Rid of a Fear of Needles (with Video)

By Subodh / June 13, 2011

Sometimes people have this unexplained terror associated with not wanting to use needles. Learning how to get rid of fear of needles is necessary as is being occasionally pricked with one.

The reason why it is so important to overcome this fear is because it could interfere with you receiving proper medical help if you do not. Therefore, take whatever action necessary to receive the help you need.

About Trypanophobia

Trypanophobia is a condition that is far more serious than the initial nervousness or anticipation the average person experiences before encountering a needle. The phobia that some individuals have towards medical needles whether for medicinal administration or testing is way beyond average.

Some people might experience the same fear or horror when they see a needle nearby as would if being attacked or harmed by another person. The same fear, anxiety, and terror experienced here may also be similar to the kind that a person has when they might fall off a cliff or get into a car accident.

It is believed that this phobia could be post-traumatic in nature. However, like most other unexplained phobias where no traumatic history links to it it may not always be linked to a past tragedy. It could be, but sometimes not.

In any case, this fear of the pain associated with being pricked by a needle should be addressed. Otherwise, people might not be able to receive necessary medical attention.

Here are ways to get rid of fear of needles:

  • One way to deal with the pain of being poked with a syringe or testing needle is to ask the doctor to apply topical anesthetic. This may not take away all the pain but it does offer significant improvement. An alternative would be an anesthetic spray.
  • Distract yourself. In fact this is the way that most doctors or nurses deal with patients. They do the best they can to make funny jokes or they tell a funny store or strike up conversation with a patient. This is to keep the phobic person’s mind off of the needle.
  • Realize that fear of needles could be associated with never having been poking with one. In this case you can imagine yourself jumping into a pool of cooler water without just slowly trying to dip in. Just like jumping into a pool, the initial “chill” of taking a needle will be gone before you know it!

More Important Thoughts

Aside from the above you have to keep reminding yourself that your health is more important that avoiding needles. However, this fact along may not be enough of an incentive. You might need to consult a counselor who can help you get to the bottom of your needle fears.

Another helpful tip is to receive encouragement from others who have already been poked with a needle and you haven’t. This could be in fact the fastest way to get rid of your fear of needles.

If worse comes to worse, some people might need heavier anesthesia. Either that or they may have to be gently restrained in straps while being administered a needle in a doctor’s office.