How To Get Rid of a Lisp

By Subodh / June 12, 2011

A lisp is a way of communication that usually is characterized by using the tongue too much in speech. This may be controllable but also could be uncontrollable.

A lisp could just result because a person may not have been trained how to position the tongue when speaking certain words, letters, or syllables. However, it could be a symptom of a speech impediment.

No matter what the reason, if you are a person struggling with this issue you may be in a hurry to learn how to get rid of a lisp. Hopefully this information will help you enjoy a better quality of life as you interact with people socially and vocationally.

More Explanation

Have you ever listened to a hearing impaired person speak? This is not to make fun or belittle anyone. It is just one way of explaining what a lisp is.

Oftentimes people who cannot hear also cannot speak as well. They may not pronounce their ā€œSā€ or ā€œZā€ sounds very clearly. This may be true of vowels as well because they also may not know how to position their throat as well as position their tongue when forming certain letter sounds.

Ways of dealing with a lisp are shown below:

  • Consult help from a professional speech coach. These individuals are otherwise known as speech therapists. This individual attention can really help you immensely if you are currently struggling with a lisp problem.
  • Watch videos and listen to audio lessons. These visual and audio speech training aids can assist you when you are practicing your speech lessons. You may also find value in text tutorials that also provide you with photo demos.
  • Learn mouth exercises, especially if you wear braces. This oral device might cause you to talk differently after it has been applied to your teeth. You may need to ask your dentist for instruction on how to maneuver your lips, teeth, and tongue, afterward. You also can find instructions from other people who have conquer a lisp that had developed for this reason.
  • Write down problem letters/syllables/words. This will help you focus on proper ways to say them. Any language tutorial material would aid you in this process. This is one way to help conquer each speech therapy lesson you are given.

A combination of the above corrective learning aids can be used. In fact, it would be more advantageous to you if you used more than one speech therapy method. You are more than likely to reach your goals faster this way. Just think of it as though you were learning a whole new language, such as French or Spanish if your native language is English.

Final Words

Be patient with yourself as you attempt to correct a speech problem. You are not going to be able to make progress overnight.

However, through patience, persistence, and determination you should be able to correct your speaking in a reasonably short time. It could take months or years to speak every word the way you want to but still it is very possible to learn how to get rid of a lisp in a reasonable amount of time.