How to Get Rid of Antifreeze

Antifreeze has to work well to make it easier for heat to move around in any vehicle or other large piece of equipment that lets off a large amount of heat. However, antifreeze can be harmful if it is not disposed of the right way. You will have to dispose of your antifreeze when replacing an item or trying to clean out a large space that uses antifreeze. You must use these ideas when getting rid of antifreeze in anything you might have.

Get a Pan Ready

A key need of getting rid of antifreeze is to make sure that the antifreeze is not going to sneak out of the way. Antifreeze can be toxic and must not spill in any way.

You should get a pan set up to collect the antifreeze. A pan can collect the antifreeze that you are removing so it can be funneled out into an appropriate spot. This has to be made well to keep the antifreeze from being likely to seep onto a surface.

Store the Antifreeze Safely

The antifreeze that you are getting rid of must be labeled properly. It must be secured in a container that is properly sealed and secured so it will not leak out.

In fact, you must make sure that the antifreeze containers are labeled properly. This is so no one is going to accidentally consume the antifreeze.

Test the Antifreeze

The antifreeze needs to be tested carefully. The antifreeze should be inspected to see that it is safe and does not contain any lead or other harmful heavy metals.

Heavy metals can be dangerous to the environment. You’ll have to use special precautions if the antifreeze you have contains these metals.

Where to Bring It

Old antifreeze can be brought to a variety of places where you can get the antifreeze disposed of properly without risking anything that you might have. Sometimes the antifreeze could also be recycled into something that could be useful provided that it is not something that is too hazardous in its current form. There are many places that you can bring your old antifreeze out to:

  • You might get a hazardous material collection facility to take in your antifreeze if it has heavy metals inside of it. This might help you out with taking out your antifreeze without risking anything on the environment.
  • A car parts or maintenance shop might also take in your antifreeze. Contact your local spot to see if it can do this.
  • Some landfills are authorized to use this material. You could dispose of it there provided that it is legal for you to do it there.

You have to be very careful when you are getting rid of antifreeze in any spot. You must make sure it is collected and disposed of the right way so no one can be harmed by it. This has to work carefully if you want to keep what you have secured as well as possible.