How To Get Rid of Bad Luck

There is a controversy about whether or not luck can be controlled. Some say it is just destiny how things turn out for you. However, it is believed by others that you can chance or control you fat.

Introduction to Biorhythm

Biorhythm is the physical and/or mental state you are in that is believed to be directly related to how well your day, week, month, or other period of time goes. It is a firm believer in many spiritual and religious circles that you actually “curse yourself” or bring on bad occurrences. This happens because of a biblical principle that states that “life and death are in the power of the tongue” and it is so true.

The biorhythm concept is similar to that particular biblical concept. Oftentimes a person with bad luck throughout the day has also been very negative throughout that day. In fact it is interesting how that works sometimes.

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It is so true. When it rains it pours the old cliché reminds us. Therefore, we need to learn to think more positive. That way, we can change our luck in many ways. We may not necessarily be able to control our entire destiny but we can change large parts of it just by thinking and talking more positively.

Here are some more interesting concepts related to the biorhythm principle:

  • You are advised to stop thinking of luck as a master that holds you as a puppet. It is not something that needs to control you. It can very easily be turned around depending on choices you make.
  • Any situation good or bad you can rise above it. You can conquer it and in the end be a stronger person.
  • As long as you keep looking at the bigger picture (longer-term outcomes) what is happening in the immediate will pass. It may not seem so immediate if you are struggling year after year. However, at least you know that this life is only temporary.
  • Your attitude about life can make a difference. How you pull yourself up after experience a terrible circumstance really says quite a bit about you. For instance, if you are able to recover quickly after a major financial loss it says that no matter what happens you are not going to let things that happen get you down.

Further Explanation

If you want to further learn how to get rid of bad luck just compare and contrast times in your life that were going good with times in your life that were going bad. Chances are your frame of mind was different in these situations.

More likely than not there was a chance you were thinking negative before all the string of negative circumstances took place. The opposite is also true. If you were in a positive frame of mind then chances are you had a better day, week, month, year, etc.

Closing Thoughts

You probably recall the saying “woke up on the wrong side of the bed.” This addresses the fact that people wake up cranky, depressed, and just not wanting to get out of bed sometimes.

They may not even want to face the world or go to work. This attitude affects a person not only consciously but subconsciously, and this is how bad luck starts. You can get rid of it by doing the best you can to think positive every morning, but also remember everyone has a bad day occasionally.