How To Get Rid of Dirty Shoes

By Subodh / January 25, 2013

Fashion is something great and both men and women have a weakness for fashion. It is always everyone’s dream to own that new pair of shoe that takes one by storm. Having it gets someone very excited and ready to show it to the world. What though happens when this new pair of shoe is filled with dirt even before you show them off making them look like an old pair of shoes? At this point, you need tips that will help you restore your shoes back to the condition they were looking when you first opened them from the wrappers.

Since an individual uses their feet to walk on every kind of surface, it is easy to get even our most favorite pair of shoe filled with dirt. The dirt on shoes can come in various forms. This includes mud, dust, gum, soup, and many other forms of dirt. It is noteworthy to remember that different shoes are made of different materials thus, they may need different forms of cleaning applied to the shoe pair. Despite this, there are standard measures in cleaning shoes that can be applied to all shoe types.

How to get Rid of Dirty Shoes01

When seeking to keep your shoes clean, you need to:

  1. Brushing off loose dirt like dust from different pair of shoe is a simple process. This mainly applies to leather shoes or canvas shoes. Suede shoes can also working with light brushing that will not bring damage to the material of the shoe pair.
  2. Taking a damp cloth for use in wiping the shoe is another form of getting rid of loose dirt as well as mud. This involves taking a piece of cloth and dipping it in a solvent solution to make it damp. Wring off excess water then pass it over the pair of shoe with dirt. Rubbing an area of the shoe that seems to have a stubborn stain until it comes out is an agreeable process in cleaning shoes. This however should be taken with caution to protect the shoe from damages.
  3. Dipping the shoe pair in soap solution for cleaning to get rid of stubborn stains is possible for certain pairs of shoes. This depends on the shoe material. Plastic shoes can be dipped in water as well as sneaker and converse shoes to get rid of the dirt on the shoes. Using light brushes to remove the dirt will protect the shoe from damages that may come about from the washing process especially due to vigorous scrubbing.
  4. Polishing shoes using appropriate polish is a form of keeping leather shoes free of dirt. This also takes care of damage or pale markings that may appear on the shoe thus leaving the pair with a glossy finish.

The key idea when seeking to clean shoes is to categorize the shoes according to the material used in manufacture. From this, selecting the most appropriate cleaning method depending on the type of dirt on the shoe becomes easy.