How To Get Rid of ipod Scratches

By Subodh / June 1, 2011

Your iPod probably looked beautiful and sleek when you first bought it. Then, the inevitable happened. It became nicked and scratched, and how you are looking for a helpful way to get rid of iPod scratches.

Here we are not just talking about scratches on the body of an iPod. Rather, we are talking about scratches that occur on the screen of this handheld device.

The Lowdown

An iPod screen is made with a layer of hardened plastic. However, this surface is not entirely immune to scratching, as you probably already figured out.

The good news is you are left with some very viable options for cleaning off these iPod screen blemishes:

  • Use eyeglass cleaner. Just apply this just as you would using it on your glasses. Just use a dry and clean cloth to apply and wipe this solution onto the iPod screen. By the way, this cleaner can be purchased at most optical centers for approximately $12.
  • Use rubbing compound. You can find this solution at most automobile parts stores. Just gently scrub your iPod screen using instructions as for applying to a PVC window or car parts. The directions come with the product you buy.
  • Use an eyeglass cleaning cloth. If you still have that cloth that came with your set of eyeglasses you can use it to remove smudges and scratches from your iPod. It has special microscopic fibers in it that are very gentle on sensitive skin but yet they are abrasive enough to get rid of scratches.
  • Use a mobile phone screen cleaner. This may in fact be the most helpful of all the solutions you see listed on this page. The reason why is mobile phone screens are more often than not made of the same material that is used to make an iPod screen. All it takes is a small amount of the solution applied to the cloth, and ten you wipe away the scratches.

Cleaning the iPod Back/Body

Sometimes the scratches on the body or back of an iPod are not quite as noticeable. It of course depends on the color of your device’s skin. In any case, if the blemishes are noticeable you may want to do something about it.

Otherwise, your device might look cheap and worn. You may not even want to carry it to work, school, or out with you anywhere any more the way it looks.

You can use rubbing compound, all purpose home cleaner, or metal cleaner for this purpose. Usually all you need to do is spray or apply on a cloth and then wipe it on your iPod carefully. Remember to only use enough to wet your device but do not use too much or the chemical could eat away at your medial player’s insides.

One more option for cleaning the back of your iPod:

If the scratches are too deep you might want to try spray paint on it. You can get creative even and make yourself a whole new skin. No one would even know the scratch is there.