How to Get Rid of Old Cellphones

There will come a time after a while where you might have to get rid of your old cell phone. This could be due to the battery finally dying on your old phone or you possibly upgrading to a new phone. Either way, you have to use a few simple steps for getting rid of an old phone.

These steps must be used because you could put the environment at risk if you throw it away without using any precautions. Many phones are made with heavy metals that can harm groundwater.

Get Your Old Phone Deactivated

You first have to get all of the details on your old phone off through a deactivation process. This can be done to make sure your data is not going to be stolen by anyone. There are several steps that must be used to help you out with getting your old phone deactivated:

  • You need to remove all of the contacts on your phone.
  • You then have to contact your mobile phone service provider to transfer your data to a new phone.
  • The phone should then have all of its attachments removed. This includes not only the battery but any particular identification items like a SIM card.

Where Can the Old Phone Go?

There are many places where you could send your old phone off too. These places include the following:

  • Your phone service provider
  • A cell phone store
  • An office supply store
  • An electronics store
  • A community thrift store

These are good places to send it off to because you will be getting your phone sent out to a company that could donate your phone to someone who has a need for it but is less fortunate. Your old phone will certainly be put to good use.

In some cases you might even get a coupon good for a future purchase at a particular store when you bring in your old phone. The terms vary by each store that has such an offer.

Can donate to Charity

You can donate your old mobile phone to charity. Please check the terms and condition on donations  with your  favorite institution.

Sell Your Phone on Internet

Your can sell your old cell phone via free classifieds website,, Also you can sell through social networking websites like facebook, twitter and MySpace.

What If It Has To Be Disposed of?

Sometimes an old phone might no longer be of use due to something like a broken battery, broken screen or the phone simply being obsolete and no longer supported by today’s mobile networks. These are times when you have to dispose of the phone altogether. You have to use the right procedures to get rid of a phone if it has to be thrown out:

  • You have to contact an electronics recycling center. Sometimes electronics stores will take in your items and send them to a recycling center.
  • You may also need to contact a hazardous waste disposal facility. This is to keep the harmful metals in your phone from getting into the environment.
  • Sometimes a metal buyer might take in your phone depending on what it is made of.

You should be aware of what you are getting out of your phone. Your phone needs to be disposed of the right way to make sure that you are keeping it going well.