How To Get Rid of Racism

By Subodh / August 23, 2012

Even though it has been over 50 years since Dr Martin Luther King made is landmark speech against racism and the need to rid the world of this problem, we still see racists to this day and this is certainly something that society needs to sort out as soon as possible. No one person is able to completely rid the world of racism on their own, it is important that the whole world works together to better the understanding and tolerance of the nations. Here we will look at different aspects of the problem and how to get rid of racism.

What Exactly is Race?

The concept of race is commonly thought of to be fairly outdated in the modern society. In the past people were classified by their skin colour and these fell into 3 main categories:

  • Caucasoid
  • Negroid
  • Mongoloid

These names started off as being a simple way to categorise the different colours of people’s skin and their backgrounds. Though nowadays, people are using names to be insulting and have lost sight of the science behind the names and have started to discriminate.

Piss on Racism

Where did Racism Start and What is it?

Racism began when people, mainly ignorant and uneducated people, would tend to have hatred and prejudice towards things they didn’t understand, or towards people that were different than them. Over the years there have been many different circumstances that have shown just how violent and strong peoples racist feeling could get. For example:

  • The Holocaust
  • Apartheid
  • Ethnic Cleansing
  • Lynching

How to Prevent Racism

The best way to start getting rid of racism is to prevent any more people falling into this mindset and forming unhealthy opinions of the world around them. By educating ourselves on different races and cultures we are more likely to understand the variety and differences between people and not be threatened and unnerved by the unknown.

Getting Rid of Racism

Racism is a dangerous thing and needs to be dealt with before it gets out of control. Words and actions that come as a result of racism can have lasting effects on people and often end in violence and crime. There are a few things you can do to help this process:

  • Try to discourage any racist jokes that you may hear.
  • Tell a racist that you disapprove whenever you hear them say anything in bad taste.
  • If you ever see violence which has arisen out of racism, make sure you inform a police officer and call them to attend if they are not present. This is a criminal act and will help to discourage further problems.
  • Shun and boycott any products, groups, clubs or functions which have any affiliation with racist activity.
  • Always educate a racist as best you can with the facts related to colour and background. Helping to keep people better informed will help them to see the true nature of their actions and how misguided they may be.