How To Get Rid of Resentment

By Subodh / September 5, 2012

Resentment is a hard thing to live with. Not only does it make it difficult for the person whom you resent, it makes your life horrible as well. You need to let go of resentment and ease your own burden. Letting go resentment will make your life the easiest. The resentment can be for anybody, your ex- spouse, an old friend, am old enemy, whatever the case, you have to forgive and forget.

Some people find it easy to do so and some people do, depending upon the people themselves and the reason why they hold this resentment. Here are a few methods that work for everybody and helps them let go of this resentment

1) Try forgiving the person. This is difficult and you need not go to the person and tell them that you forgive them. You just have to forgive them in your mind and you will be surprised at how much lighter you will feel. It may be difficult to let go or forget what they have done to you. But living with that burden will never allow you to live the way you want. So whatever it is, try to forgive and forget.

2) You have to accept that the person who wronged you will never be controlled by you. Being resentful towards that person will just mean that they are actually worth your attention. So forget the resentment and start your life anew. Maybe what they did to you was truly horrible but use that as a motive to prove them wrong and rising above them. It is difficult but it can be done.

3) Your resentment can stop you from being with other people. It can me you too precautious which is not good. Resentment can often control your life. Acknowledge this fact and ask yourself if you really want something like resentment controlling your decisions.

4) You have to stop blaming everybody and take control of your own life. If you resent somebody, ask yourself who are you truly living for? For them or for yourself? You will be surprise at the answer you find yourself with. It is your decision to let something that happened in your past to control your future. Acknowledge this fact and you will know how to get rid of that resentment and finally be at peace.
Resentment is a powerful emotion and can control a lot of things that you do. It is not a very fruitful emotion and all it does is fill you with negative energy. If you really want to live a life that does not allow you to trust anybody or let anybody get close to you, it is entirely your decision.

Let go of the resentment and forget about the person who did what he or she did to you. Remember that after what they did to you, they do not deserve someone like you. You are above them because you will never stoop to their level. Forgive them and forget what they did.