How To Get Rid of Shyness

By Subodh / June 4, 2011

Shyness is an issue that many people struggle with. It could be because parents have not taught their children social skills or they just lived in isolated areas.

However, it could also be fear of rejection that stems from being picked on as a child that causes a person to be shy. This issue could also result from genetics, as some people are naturally less inclined to need people than extroverted individuals are.

There are a number of ways to get rid of shyness, such as what follows:

  • Use small talk or humor to break the ice. If you are a little bit rusty on making jokes that people laugh at humor may not be your best selling point. However, you can at least use small talk to break the ice. For instance, you might see a beautiful woman or handsome woman at a bus stop and say “you mind me asking where you are headed?”
  • Or maybe you can just start by formally introducing yourself and asking the person his/her name. It also might help to compliment something non-sexual about the person, such as “that’s a nice jacket” or “cool shirt!”
  • You can focus on the most interesting parts of you, and work with that. For instance, if you are good at drawing, painting, or singing you can work with that.

The same is true if you like the outdoors, watch old movies, or you travel frequently. Even if your life is just about working, eating, and sleeping there must be something interesting about you.

You would in fact be surprised that there is for instance people who are fascinated by others who can program computers. Whatever your interests are just talk about those like you are proud of them and you will at some point find somebody who shows the same passion for similar.

  • Decide who you are, what your values are, and express those. Generally speaking if you have an opinion about something in this world you can make a better impression on people. As long as you do not need to be right all the time and you respect other differences of opinions you will actually start quite a bit of good conversations.
  • If one person seems uninterested go on to the next. Just remember if one person you try to talk to does not open up much it is not you. After a few minutes of trying to strike up a conversation with someone just realize that it’s not necessarily you. It just not be a person you were meant to get to know at this time.
  • Use internet tools. Some people are natural conversationalists via the written word. Therefore, talking online may be advantageous. Of course, at some point it will be necessary to meet face to face. However, it helps to get used to talking to one another. Talking online helps a lot.

Overcoming Performance Shyness

This usually requires just as much practice as does overcoming social shyness. On suggestion would be to prepare your classroom speech, musical performance, or stage line alone first. Then maybe present the work in front of a friend before going live.