How To Get Rid of Toxins with Water Ionizers

By Subodh / November 25, 2013

Getting Rid of Toxins from Your Body

Many people each and every day are becoming more aware of the importance of detoxifying the body. Not only that, but it is also becoming a well-known fact that by drinking clean water this can be an effective way to achieve this. The overall effectiveness for water to be able to detoxify the body all depends on its antioxidant potential. Mostly all drinking water, which includes of: bottled water, tap water, reverse osmosis water, and distilled water has an oxidizing potential which is the opposite of anti-oxidizing.

As most people know, a great benefit of consuming fruits and vegetables is due to their abundance of antioxidants. Antioxidants are able to not only neutralize toxic waste that is stored in our body, but also while it is in the bloodstream. As alkaline water is also abundant in antioxidants, it is also able to effectively do this for the body. However, as previously mentioned, regular drinking water that does not have this potential as a limited ability to help rid the body of toxins as it is full of oxidants.


Getting Rid of Toxins from Your Food

The importance of washing your produce with water is well-known, as it is unknown as to what bacteria or pathogens may exist on its’ surfaces. When washing produce with water, it is also important to consider all of the pollutants that are absorbed by the produce during this process. Fruits and vegetables act like a sponge, as they are very absorbable and are made mostly of water. The technology known as ‘water ionizers’, are able to make acidic ionized water and alkaline ionized water. Each of these water types play their own role in washing and cleaning food.

That is why it is much more beneficial to rinse with acidic ionized water, as it is void of toxins, and will only assist in washing pathogens from produce. Also, by using alkaline ionized water after using the acidic water, then you will be able to emulsify oil-based pesticides and will also be able to neutralize toxins in the produce with its’ antioxidant value. Contrary to what many people, water is able to mix with oil, as long as it is alkaline ionized water and not regular drinking water. It is able to do this primarily due to its micro-clustered property, where each water cluster consists of 3-5 molecules. Regular water is not able to emulsify oil as it has a cluster size of between 14-20 molecules per cluster.

Getting Rid of Toxins from Your Household

Everybody knows how crucial it is to maintain overall cleanliness in the house, such as in the kitchen, bathroom, living room, and the bedrooms, however how toxic are these products that are being used? Conventional cleaners, especially disinfectants, can be exposed to us directly not only while we are cleaning, but also after the fact as there can be a slight left-over residue.

As acidic electrolyzed water can be extremely oxidizing, it has the ability to disinfect and sanitize very effectively to remove all of the bacteria and pathogens from household surfaces within seconds. In addition, this type of water has been proven to be non-corrosive to the skin and chemical free. This kind of water, which is produced by a water ionizer, can be of a great alternative to conventional cleaners. Also, as for the alkaline ionized water, it can be used to remove dirt, grime, and oily residues off of household surfaces due to its ability to emulsify.


As we remove more and primary sources of toxins from our lifestyle, not only can we feel healthier and alive, but we can also appreciate the efforts we put towards eliminating the amount of pollution we contribute towards the planet. Chemicals of all kind, which are found in the foods we eat, the water we drink, and the cleaners we clean with can have a great effect on how healthy we feel on a day to day basis.