How To Get Rid of Trespassers off Your Property

By Subodh / December 30, 2013

There is nothing worse than continually having trespassers stray onto your property as it leaves privacy and security compromised and can leave your home vulnerable to theft, criminal damage and covered in litter. Regardless of whether they are using it as a shortcut to somewhere else or a looking to carry out criminal activity it the continual disturbance can be a real pain and start to have a detrimental effect on your home life.

As such, instead of putting up with this problem any longer, there a plenty of measures that can prevent them from accessing your own private space at a cost that is not going to break the bank. With this in mind here are some of the most effective ways of achieving this.

Build a Boundary Wall

One of the easiest methods of keeping someone from gaining access to a particular place is to put a physical security barrier in their way. As such, the addition of a well constructed boundary wall to the perimeter of your property will undoubtedly keep people out.


If you feel this may be one suitable option then there are number of factors to consider in terms of materials, height and design so that you do not make your home look like a prison.

Materials – In order to keep an aesthetically pleasing appearance to your property it is important to select the correct materials for the job. For example, if the home is constructed from bricks, then the wall should be constructed from a matching material. As an alternative, you could construct the wall from concrete blocks and render over them however the look will not be as appealing but will save you money on materials.

Height – Unless you are specifically concerned about high levels of security a wall somewhere around 4ft – 6ft in height is usually sufficient to act as a deterrent to trespassers. Any higher than this and it will look more like a prison and kill a lot of natural light entering the home and any lower and it will prove effective.

Design – Considering the aesthetic appeal of the wall is important because it will more than likely be in place for many years. With various designs to choose from including herringbone panelling, arches and corbelled brickwork the choices are pretty endless so be sure to consider all options.

Erect Garden Fencing

As an alternative to a traditional masonry wall, the addition of a fence around the perimeter of your home will work equally well at keeping out unauthorised people from coming onto your land. Costing far less than the above, this form a solution is much quicker to erect, offers the same level of protection and will provide similar levels of privacy.

Their drawback is in that they will require regular maintenance to keep them in good condition so they remain an effective deterrent. In addition to this, because some styles such as wooden fence panels act as a sail in the wind, they can take a real battering by the weather and often need replacing every few years.

Install Metal Railings

If your home already has a low boundary wall built around your property but this is not proving effective at keeping people out then one great idea is to add some metal railings to the top of the wall so as to make climbing over far more difficult.

In addition to this aspect, the addition of some form of visually pleasing metal railings will also add to the charm and character of your home thus increasing its kerb appeal.

Fit Garden & Driveway Gates

In addition to any of the above solutions that will act as deterrents for trespassers, you will also need to find some way of protecting the vehicle and pedestrian entrance points around your home. With this in mind, the best solution in terms of affordability and practicality is the addition of driveway gates and pedestrian access garden gates.

Available in a range of wonderful styles to ensure the perfect match to your home and boundary design, the addition of a pair of secure driveway gates such as those available from will prove a seriously worthwhile investment that will provide years of maintenance free operation at a seriously affordable price.