How To Get Rid of Unsightly Wooden Fence Panels

Why is it that the majority of homeowners do not bat an eyelid when it comes to making home improvements in the house but neglect the exterior of the home? This simply does not make sense. Up and down the country there are literally thousands of gardens and driveways that feature unsightly wooden fence panels that look cheap and are left to fall into a poor state of disrepair.

As such one of the most effective ways of increasing your homes kerb appeal whilst providing additional security to your home is to remove the fence and replace it with a more aesthetically pleasing solution.

The following information is designed to provide you with inspiration and design ideas that you will add a whole new look to the exterior of your home and will result in giving it a much needed facelift when viewed from the street.


A well maintained hedge can look wonderful and will provide a great habitat for wildlife to thrive in. Various varieties of hedge such as Hawthorne will also provide great levels of security as the thorny branches make it almost impossible to climb through. Finally, the last benefit of a hedge is that it can be trimmed to suit the levels of privacy and security required for each area of the perimeter of the property.

Dry Stone Walls

Whilst traditional in appearance and not suited to all property types, the addition of a dry stone wall will look simply stunning once completed. The drawback to this kind of solution is that it requires a lot of skill to build and a lot of time to complete. As such, this option is one of the most expensive solutions to opt for.

Brick Walls

Provided the brickwork is built to a high standard, a brick wall around your home will last for years and will prove a valuable addition to your home. For the most attractive look, opt for some decorative detailing built into it such as herringbone panels or corbelled brickwork. Another benefit to a brick wall is that where openings are required to enable cars and pedestrians to pass through, they will provide a structure to hang driveway gates and garden gates off.

Natural Screening

In recent years this form of fence has seen an increase in demand as more and more manufacturers have become aware of the changing demands of discerning homeowners looking to create a unique and individual design to their homes. Generally available in options such as Willow or bamboo screening, they are cheap to purchase but provide a designer look. The only drawback to this solution is that they tend to need replacing every few years as they cannot be painted or stained to protect them from the elements.

Aluminium Fencing

Aluminium Fencing

Although not the most popular of options, an aluminium fence can look simply stunning when fitted to an ultra modern property. The clean lines of an aluminium fence will reflect the architectural style of a modern building and therefore mirrors it perfectly for a harmonious look. As with dry stone walls, this is a specialist job to complete so again will cost far more than other fencing options available to choose form.

Composite Fencing

Composite FencingRelatively new to the market is composite fencing constructed from a mixture of resin and recycled materials such as PVC windows. Well suited to modern homes, the benefit of this type of fence is that it requires zero maintenance (perfect for modern lifestyles) and can be supplied in a pre painted colour that will not fade over time after being exposed to the elements for prolonged periods of time.

Metal Railings

This form of fencing is from a by-gone era and was largely lost during the Second World War due the phenomenal requirements for steel. As such, many older properties had their railings cut down and never replaced to their original glory. Available in a wide range of styles to suit individual properties, a high quality metal railing oozes aesthetic appeal and also benefits from providing great levels of security as they are often very difficult to climb over if fitted with a spear top finial.

In conclusion, with such as vast array of methods of placing a clearly defined boundary around the perimeter of your home, there is no longer the need to simply leave that unsightly wooden fence panels in place any longer.
As such, when looking to make this kind of project viable, the best solution is to look online where you will find many leading companies offering these kinds of products and projects for much less than you might first of imagine the costs to be.

This article has been contributed by Dan from Metal Gates Direct who specialise in the supply of a wide range of gates and fencing suitable for all residential and commercial applications.