How To Get Rid of Your Yarn Stash

Women are usually in the habit of keeping their homes tidy and squeaky clean. Even the sight of wet towel, messy clothes, misplaced toothbrush etc makes their blood pressure go high. Then why women aren’t able to organize their yarn stash in their cupboards. If you love to weave then you know what is being talked about here. You know that some time you had placed some yarn on the backside of your kitchen cupboard because you couldn’t find any other place.

Your racks, clothes cupboard, store room, bed storage area etc are filled with yarn stash that you have collected since you learn to weave. You would drool over the fuchsia pink yarn ball six years back thinking that you would weave a beautiful scarf out of it, but you never got time. Therefore you should know how to get rid of your beloved yarn stash that’s creating so much mess.

How to Get Rid of Your Yarn Stash

Learn to collect and separate the less used yarn stash: Usually the memories associated with buying the yarn and the money spent in buying stop people from discarding old yarn stash. But you have to learn to distinguish between useful yarn and unused yarn. You should collect all the yarn that is damaged and dirty. Also take out those yarn balls from your yarn storage which has been left unused for past 8 months even if they are in good condition.

Motivate yourself to create innovative items out of the stash: Before trying to dispose the yarn you should try for the last time to think of innovative ideas to weave or stitch something interesting. You can get some design ideas using the internet. If you feel that you have the time to weave something from some yarn, then pick out only that one which you are really going to use.

Store and repack the left out yarn stash in small plastic bags: Whatever yarn stash has been left out, be it needles or yarn balls, you should pack them properly in small plastic bags separately. Dumping all of them in a big sized bag will make their disposal difficult. Also, storing the yarn stash in air tight bag will help in retaining their quality and they won’t get dirty or entangled.

Organize a mini sale outside your home to sell it off: The pain of discarding the yarn stash on which your money has been spent will become less if you can earn profit by selling your yarn stash. All you need is a big wooden table, a nice table cloth, few chairs and handmade sign board. You can use these items to set up a mini sale outside your house and display the packed yarn stash to sell it off. You can even give an invitation to the nearby local residents, friends etc.

Sell or auction your yarn stash profitably on online websites: There are many online websites that can help in auctioning of old or second hand items. You can click images of your yarn stashes in attractive manner and then upload the images along with yarn specifications on these auction websites. You will be flooded with offers from other people who will love to buy some good quality yarn in cheap rates.

Make beautiful pillow covers and stuff them with the yarn stash: Now here is an innovative way of trashing the yarn stash. No matter what yarn fabric you are having, it can be used for making cute homemade cushions, decoration pillows etc. Woolen yarn, synthetic fabric yarn etc can be used for this purpose. You can stitch beautiful pillow cover with zips on one side. Then you can fill up the yarn carefully inside the pillow covers evenly to inflate them. These cushions will surely be appreciated by everyone who will see them.

Create a mattress for the winters by using the yarn stash as stuffing: If you have huge quantity of yarn that is not of good quality, then you can use that yarn stash as stuffing to make winter mattress for beds. All you have to do is take some old bed sheet and then fold it into two halves. Then you have to stitch it at all open ends except one. After that you can fill it up with the poor quality yarn stash before stitching the opening. Voila! Your homemade cheap mattress is ready for use.

Indulge in some charity work by donating the extra yarn stash: There are many charitable institutions where aged people, women and children take shelter. You can donate the yarn stash to one of these charitable institutions where it can be used during craft sessions. This is really a sensible way of discarding unused yarn. You will really happy while doing so. If you have some time on hand, then you can teach the orphan children how to weave using the yarn.

If the yarn balls are in good condition, then use them as gifting items: If you have kept the unused but good quality yarn separately, then you can use it for gifting purpose too. You can hand pack a gift basket in which you can present these yarn balls to your friends and relatives. Gifting these yarn balls on your friends’ baby shower is also a nice way of getting rid of them. Of course, don’t gift the yarn to some male!