How To Get Rid of Zombies

So a large group of zombies have sneaked in your city and are creating ruckus everywhere? You have stored the supplies of all the necessary things such as water, food items and medicines. But how long are they going to last? You will someday have to go out and get the fresh supplies. But how will you do that with that bunch of zombies waiting for you to get out and tear you apart. Escaping perhaps is no more what you can do. You must face them head-on. This time you will have to find ways to get rid of them. Here are some tips for you.

Can You Get Rid of Zombies?

Of course you can get rid of them. There may be various types of zombies in your town but there is no dearth of the ways and means with which you can get rid of them all. However, before you get started with wiping them out, think of all the practical ways with which you can achieve that. You will also need to figure out what will you do with all the zombie waste when you are done with all of them. You will also need to ensure that while on the zombie carnage you don’t get bit by them and become one of them.


You Can Choose The Right Type of Guns To Kill Them

Guns undeniably are the favorite weapons to kill the zombies. There is no one particular gun you can use to kill the zombies. The gun you choose depends on several factors. These factors include, but are not limited to, your skill with the particular gun type, type of zombie, distance from which you are aiming at them, number of zombies to be taken down at one time and more. You can have a 9 mm pistol to a RPG or a grenade launcher. Guns can be pretty handy and fun at the same time. You need to make sure that you get maximum efficiency of your shots as you will have a limited supply of ammo on the battlefield. Therefore, it is important that you and your family practice a lot before going on the rampage.

Budget is also an important consideration while selecting the guns. You may not have all the money in the world to buy all sorts of weapons. Make sure that you start saving from today so that you have enough for any gun when you need it. However, you may also stumble upon some guns on the battlefield left behind by the dead warriors.

Out of Ammo, Try The Shovels

If you are out of the ammo or you couldn’t buy enough, don’t worry there are enough shovels around. In fact, you are not going to need too many shovels as one can kill many zombies. Shovel, as you would know, is a tool of non-violence, used primarily for digging. But just as a calm and peaceful looking elephant can go crazy when provoked, the non-violent shovel too can be used as a weapon especially when there are zombies around.

Shovel has proven to be quite an effective weapon against the zombies. One swing and one blow and the zombies head is off the torso. Then you can use it further to smash the zombie’s brain. Quit likely your shovel will survive even after killing hundreds of zombies. Once the carnage is over, you can use the shovel for your garden.

You Can Have Some Fun With Ax Too

If you had enough fun with guns and shovels and want to carry out the carnage with another exciting tool, ax will be the right choice for you. The fun could indeed be unlimited with this weapon. But make sure you have worked out a bit strengthening your hands and torso to be able to make the most effective use of this weapon. You are also going to need a great deal of practice if you really want to enjoy the ax swing in the battlefield. So make sure that you have killed enough dummy zombies in your backyard before you are out on the real zombie carnage. Don’t also forget to sharpen your ax too before you behead some real zombies. You want to enjoy the sight of the axe slicing the zombie neck just as a hot knife slices through butter. Once you have removed all the zombies in the town, stay on course with the practice by chopping some wood with the same ax. Don’t forget to upload some zombie killing pictures on Facebook. It will be so cool.

Some More Tips On Killing Them Faster

These zombies have a knack of getting up even after being hit bad. It is such an irritating sight when you have chopped off the zombie’s leg making him fall on the ground but somehow he will get up again and hop towards you on one leg. If you don’t want your time and energy wasted, use the same powerful swing to slash his neck instead. But don’t think the job is over yet. You will need to destroy his brain too. That’s where you will be reminded of a shotgun. One headshot and that’s the end of the zombie. Unfortunately, you can carry only so much shotgun ammo. After blowing up some zombie brains, you will need to get back to the traditional zombie slaying tools, such as shovel and ax.