How To Make Money From Your House Clearance

Recycling and re-using any unwanted items is such an effective way to help the environment: and it can earn you some extra money too. If you are in need of de-cluttering and clearing out your home, here are some great ideas and tips to make money from your house clearance as well as helping the environment.

Boot sales

Boot sales and fairs are a great way to get rid of saleable second-hand items, are cheap to do and only take up a day of your time. Popular items to sell include DVDs, CDs, clothes and accessories, household items that are in good condition, children’s toys and games and books.

Consider prices that will help to sell your goods quickly, after all, you don’t really want to not sell them and have to take them back home with you again. Any profit you make will be all yours to keep so consider pitching your prices at a good value level to attract a high volume of sales. You can watch out for the local boot fairs coming up in your area in your local paper or local information website.

Recycle gadgets

Nowadays recycling used mobile phones, lap tops, digital cameras and tablets is big business. As long as your electronic gadget is in good condition and still usable, you can trade it in for money. Search for gadget recycling companies and also look at websites that compare a number of recycling companies to give you the best price for your make and model of gadget. Postage is free when sending your gadget for recycling.

Garage sale

garage-saleIf you want to make money for a charity instead of yourself, why not hold an informal table-top or garage sale at your home. Invite neighbours, friends and family along to have a browse and make you an offer for your unwanted items. Offer tea and cake for the shoppers and create an informal and relaxed atmosphere that will encourage people want to part with their money! And all for a good cause.

Collect aluminium cans

You can also make money by collecting and recycling aluminium cans such as drink cans. There are over 300 recycling centres in the UK that give you the opportunity to take your sorted and crushed aluminium cans and either raise money for charity or for yourself. To attain the high volume for large payments per half tonne or tonne, why not start a collection with friends, neighbours, local schools and businesses.

Aluminium is the most cost-effective material to recycle and is still highly valuable. It can be recycled to make a host of different products including cars, make-up, bicycles and furniture. Recycling aluminium means that it saves energy, land-fill space and also the need to mine the raw materials that make aluminium

Sell clothes and accessories

Clearing out closets and wardrobes can provide a great way to make cash too. An unwanted item of clothing, a pair of shoes or a handbag that you have gone off, no longer fits or that you just don’t want anymore can be listed on Ebay cheaply for eager buyers to bid on. Ebay buyers are searching for good quality items at great value prices and you can make money on the outfit or accessory that you no longer want. You can also list items on second-hand websites such as Gumtree or Loot for no cost at all.

Upload quality, clear photos of your sale items and write a detailed and thorough description of your item including the colour, brand and size.

Upcycle to make new pieces

If you’re creative and can spare the time, you can also create brand new craft products to sell on from unwanted items and materials.

For instance, you can repaint and restore old pieces of furniture and resell them to someone who is looking for unusual, vintage-style pieces. If you can upholster furniture, create unique pieces from tired, old furniture. Your furniture will be a one-off creation and could net you a lot of money too. You could also re-use and recycle old clothes and textiles to create quilts, creative cushion covers, decorative collage prints and greetings cards and rag rugs.

Customise your unwanted clothes with accessories, old jewellery and creative pieces from the haberdashery department such as lace, beads, trims and sequins to create brand new unusual clothing pieces that are special and exclusive.

If you’re stuck for ideas, take a look on Pinterest, craft websites and visit craft shops and workshops for inspiration.