How To Stay Warm In Your Home Without A Heater – 7 Ways

The winter is arriving fast, and experts predict that it’s going to be a particularly cold one. If you’re worried about avoiding high heating bills, then you’ll want to start looking for ways to warm the house without bumping up the thermostat. The fact is that you can drop the temperature by a few degrees if you know what steps to take throughout the home. Here are seven ways you can warm up without having the furnace work overtime.

Check Windows for Efficiency

This is the time to inspect windows and then check them again. Make sure they’re closed and locked because locking the windows tightens the sashes against the seal and helps stop drafts. If you still feel a draft around the window, then try opening it up and checking the weather stripping. If necessary, replace damaged sections. If you still cannot block out the draft, then the solution is to either buy new windows or head to the store for plastic window coverings. These kits come with plastic that you put over the window and then warm with a hair dryer to shrink it.

Invest in Heavy Curtains


Pick up heavier curtains for the winter. Thermal drapes are the best choice, but simple lined curtains will also work. During the day, pull them open to invite the sunlight in. Once the sun starts to set, close them tightly to help keep the heat inside your home.

Protection at the Doors

Check weather stripping around doors. Install a door sweep or additional weather stripping to stop drafts and keep the home warm. If necessary, use a stuffed draft blocker at the bottom of the door to keep the cold air out of your home.

Warm the Floor in a Decorative Way

Wool Carpet

If you have wood or tile floors, then you may want to warm up the space by adding area rugs or carpets. This is also your chance to decorate for the holidays or the winter months by choosing themed rugs.

Adjust the Heating Vents

Many homes have areas in them that are largely unused. You can make the home warmer by adjusting heating vents so you aren’t warming these areas. Close the vents to guests rooms, and use a draft blocker at the bottom of the door to further isolate the room. If your home has multiple stories, close the upstairs vents to force the warm air downstairs. Warm air rises, so what goes through the first floor will still eventually rise to the second.

Change Your Wardrobe

It’s the season for sweaters, so embrace the trend by dressing warmly at home and when you go out. Move the short-sleeve shirts into storage to force the kids to wear long sleeves. Encourage everyone to wear socks to keep toes warm. Leave blankets on the couch and in storage bins around the house so people can wrap up when they feel a little chilly.

Switch Up the Refreshments

Nothing cools you off in the winter like drinking a cool glass of water or lemonade, and hot drinks will also warm you in the winter. Switch from iced drinks to hot refreshments like cocoa, coffee, cider and tea. Opt for hot snacks like dips, and leave the oven door open for a few minutes after baking to help warm the house.

Ginger tea

These are all easy ways to make yourself warmer this winter. You’ll avoid turning up the thermostat, and that helps you lower energy bills. Passive improvements to the windows and doors are the easiest to make. Sweaters and blankets are the right solution when a single family member is complaining about the house being a little too cold. It’s really not that difficult when you know what to do.