How To Get Cigarette Smell Out of Clothing

By Subodh / April 27, 2012

Smoking is one of the habits that a lot of people have engaged in but there are also a huge number of people who would not even want to hear of it. The smell that comes from cigarette is disgusting and there is a huge number of people who dislike it. This is why even when you are a smoker you should not let everyone know you are one by wearing cloth that are smelling nicotine even from a far distance.

There are many ways that you can use to get rid of the awful smell of nicotine that is usually is not attractive to many. There are people who are non smokers but they find themselves smelling terrible whenever they visit place such a bar, discotheque and other entertainment events that allows smoking to be done publicly. This may make you want to throw away your cloth so that you don’t smell this nicotine on your clothes.

This is not necessary a there are several way that you can still be able to get rid of the smell of cigarette on your clothes. There are many question that you may be asking yourself on how to remove the bad smell of cigarette on clothe. Below is an answer to this question and you can learn what to do when your cloth ha a nicotine smell.

Getting off the nicotine smell on your clothes

One of the mot available solutions for this kind of purpose is the use of baking soda and shampooing. Here you will wash your cloth with shampoo thereby giving your cloth a fresh smell that will remove the nicotine smell on your house. This should be done very carefully as this can lead to damage of the cloth due to the use of baking soda.

The other method that is very effective when it comes to removal of cigarette smell on the clothes is the use of vinegar. This is one of the best remover of nicotine and tar on clothes with smoke. Although vinegar is the best when it comes to removal of this bad smell from the cloth it may not be the best compound to use on all the garments as some of the clothes are very easy to tear up. This is why you should only ensure that your fabric cannot be destroyed by vinegar when you try to rid off the smell of nicotine on your garment.

Another best way that you can use to remove awful smell of cigarette from your garment is the use of heavy detergent. One of the best one is heavy duty phosphate based detergent that can be mixed with water as well as other bleaching agent. These heavy detergents are also very strong and can damage the fabric making the cloth to be weak and easy to tear off.