How To Get Rid of Garlic Smell

Garlic is a permanent fixture in every kitchen around the world. Besides enhancing the taste of food, it has many medicinal properties that keep us healthy. But it also has a strong and obstinate smell that refuses to go away easily. The smell gets into your clothes and the pore of your skin and lingers there for hours. Except in the kitchen and on the dining table, garlic smell can be a source of embarrassment. The bulb of the garlic contains some oils which change into a compound called Allyl Methyl Sulfide (AMS). This sulfide is responsible for the strong, pungent smell. It doesn’t break down during digestion, but is absorbed into the bloodstream unchanged and circulated in the body. This is the reason the smell lingers on for hours. Fortunately, there are some quick and easy ways to get rid of the smell.

Use alcohol or perfume: If the smell is coming from you hands and clothes, you can mask it by sprinkling small amounts of strong-scented perfume or alcohol on your clothes. The latter, however, may not be such as good idea when going out as people may give you strange looks.

Wash with lemons: If you have touched or cut garlic, rinse your hands with lemon water immediately. Lemon has a strong yet pleasant smell that supersedes the smell of garlic until both smells fade away.

Take breath mints: If the smell of garlic is coming from your mouth, then take some breath mints or mint-flavored chewing gums. The pleasant smell of these will cover the smell of garlic until they all fade away.

Chew parsley leaves: Parsley leaves, besides garnishing your plate, helps remove odor from your breath. If your breath smells of garlic, chew a few sprigs of parsley raw. If you make it a habit to do this after every meal, your breath will never smell of garlic.

Have an ice-cream or anything cold: The smell of garlic from your breath is at its peak after you have just eaten warm food. This is why people usually smell of garlic when they have just eaten. Have an ice-cream, cold juice or anything cold you can get to lessen the smell.

Have a glass of wine: Red wine has a strong flavor that drives away the smell of garlic. So have a glass of wine after having dinner. You will, of course, smell of wine, but that will be lot better than the smell of garlic. In the absence of red wine, you can also have white wine.

Take a sauna: Taking a sauna or steam bath can help you get rid of the sulfide in your bloodstream. The hot steam makes you sweat which flushes out the allyl methyl sulfide (AMS) from your system. Afterwards, use aromatic soap or shampoo for a fresh and pleasant smell.