How To Get Rid of Sour Milk Smell

By Subodh / May 13, 2012

Few things smell worse than milk that has gone bad. When milk becomes contaminated with water, food particles and other matters, the microorganisms already present in it multiply quickly and change its composition. Lactic acid bacteria cause fermentation; bacillus, microoccus and coliform bacteria cause curdling; clostridium and serratia bacteria cause rotting; and penicilium and geotrichum fungi create mold. The result is that begins to go putrid and the odor that comes out it can be nauseating. If this milk is spilled on the floor or on anything, the bad smell can linger for days.

Here are some ways to get rid of the horrible smell of milk that has gone bad.

Wash with water, detergent and vinegar: Wipe the spilt milk using a paper towel. If it has already dried and stuck to the surface, scrape it with a plastic spoon or knife. Wash the affected area thoroughly with liberal quantity of warm water and detergent. Soak the area with white vinegar and wipe it off with a clean, dry towel.

Cover with baking soda: Wipe the affected area with paper towels. Pour some baking soda and sprinkle some cold water on it. Leave it like that overnight. The next morning, remove the soda with a vacuum cleaner and then wipe the area clean with a clean, dry cloth. If the smell is still there take a bottle of club soda, shake it until it produces fizz and spray on the affected area. This makes the smell worse, but after a while it will go away.

Rub coffee grounds: If the milk is spilt on fabrics and carpets, first clean the affected area with either a brush or clean, dry towel. Take some coffee grounds and rub them on the affected area. Leave them for a few days to absorb the odor and then remove the coffee grounds with a vacuum cleaner. Coffee contains enzymes such as PetZyme which helps get rid of protein-based odors and stains.

Use a steam cleaner: Wipe the affected area with paper towels. Mix some white distilled vinegar with a commercial carpet cleaning solution. Use a steam cleaner to spray hot vapor of the solution on the affected area. This is especially good for fabric and carpets. Put them out in the sun to dry after cleaning.

Wash with heavy-duty detergent, baking soda and lemon juice: Scrub the affected area with heavy-duty detergent. Sprinkle baking soda and wait for 15 minutes. Scrub again with detergent and cold water. Rinse it off and sprinkle lemon juice. Wipe the area with a clean, dry cloth.

Cover with bicarbonate soda: Wipe the affected area with a clean dry cloth or paper towels. While still damp, cover the area with bicarbonate soda and leave it for 24 hours. Remove the bicarbonate soda and rinse it off with cold water.

Scrub with baking soda: Wash and rinse the affected area with cold water and detergent. Make a paste of baking soda by mixing with water and scrub the surface with the paste. Rinse the area with cold water. Place a sliced onion, coffee grounds or vanilla extract to get rid of the smell.