Get Rid of Your Swimming Pool Problems Once And For All

By Subodh / February 4, 2014

It’s easy to forget that swimming pools can sometimes be a source of headache for owners. Because pools help increase a property’s value, offer fun and entertainment, and promote family bonding, some owners can overlook the fact that, at some point, pools can give birth to a lot of problems. To paraphrase Peter Parker’s Uncle Ben, “With great pools come great responsibility.” This is why proper pool care and upkeep is essential to ensure that annoying pool problems rarely occur.

Apparently, though, no matter how much you maintain your pool, some problems just love to crash the party. Here’s a rundown of some pesky pool issues you can come across with and ways to effectively deal with them to make sure they never interrupt your swim or your summer again.

1. Pool water turns green

Has your pool water turned green but not because of some fancy swimming pool light? There could only be one culprit to that: algae! Algae build-up is one of the common problems pool owners complain about. They can be carried to your pool by leaves, flower petals, rain and wind, and even by swimmers. But what actually leads to their growth and, eventually, the swampy lagoon look, is the insufficient levels of pool chlorine, which is supposed to kill algae. Thus, to keep algae at bay, make sure to brush clinging algae and super-chlorinate your waters.

2. Cloudy water

Cloudy water is to pools as fever is to humans – the problem is very common but the causes can differ thus, making diagnosis quite difficult. A cloudy pool water can be due to algae, low chlorine levels, pH levels, defective filter system, overuse, or debris from rain. To fix this, check your filtration system first to see if it’s working. Also check whether your pool chemicals are off balance. Find and adjust the pH, alkalinity and chlorine to its proper levels. But if all else fails, consider draining and refilling at least ½ of your pool water.

3. Nasty chlorine smell

If your pool reeks of a nasty, chlorine smell, it’s not because you’ve put too much chlorine in it; rather, you’ve put too little. The distinctive, irritating odour is due to the presence of chloramines, which form when chlorine combines with contaminants or swimmer waste (think urine, sweat, body oil, etc.). And if you want to avoid this, it’s important that you maintain proper chlorine levels, as well as ensure cleaner swimming.

4. Debris in the swimming pool

However religiously you clean and maintain your pool area, chances are some air-borne rubbish would still get in your pool, especially if it’s surrounded by trees or shrubbery. Constant cleaning may be such a tiresome exercise, but if you don’t do it, more problems can arise including clogged drains and stressed out filters. One solution to this is to install a pool blanket or pool cover. Aside from reducing dirt and debris, a pool blanket helps reduce water evaporation, as well as heat and chemical loss. Talk about hitting multiple birds with one stone!

5. Irritated or burning eyes

We’ve all experienced this at some point – it’s a hot, sunny day, we plunge into the pool for a refreshing swim, only to get out of it fast because the water’s hurting our eyes. If your pool has caused this problem to your family or guests, it might be that your pool’s pH balance and chlorine levels have gone off-key, and that chloramines have taken over again. You can solve this by adjusting the pH, chlorine and alkalinity levels to their proper numbers, and shocking the pool. Wearing swimming goggles is also a good idea.

6. Uncomfortable water temperature

Nothing is as frustrating as not being able to enjoy your pool anytime you want to. Take for example during the cooler seasons, instead of using swimming pool heat pumps to warm up the waters and let them take a swim, some owners opt to pass on such tools for fear of having high energy bills. While it’s for a good cause, it’s actually possible to enjoy one’s pool all year round but minus the costs. To ensure maximum comfort and energy efficiency, you can try looking into various solar pool heat pump systems available in the market today.

Don’t let these issues keep you from taking a dip and making the most out of your investment. With proper maintenance and, of course, awareness, you can solve any swimming pool problem fast and easy.