How to Get Rid of Bamboo

By Subodh / January 22, 2011

Bamboo has long been used as a way to decorate. However, in some cases they may spread so rapidly throughout the yard that they become a total nuisance.

The method of removal may depend upon the type of bamboo. The types of bamboo are briefly described, and then you are given general methods of removal.

Types of Bamboo

There are essentially two major types of bamboo, running and clumping. The running bamboo is named for its rhizomes that spread out eventually into a full bamboo.

The clumping bamboo stays in tighter clusters and does not spread like the running type. The clumping bamboo shoots also grow slower. However, at one point both types can be equally as tough to eliminate.

Removal Tips

A variety of ways of removing unwanted bamboo shoots is provided below. The methods you choose depend upon preference as well as severity of the problem.

Starve them and contain them. This is one method of getting rid of bamboo shoots that have gotten out of hand. The first step of this process is to dig to 16 inches below the surface of the soil where the bamboo grows, creating a trench around this area of growth. The trench should be 30 inches deep. When you are done digging, fill the trenches with concrete or gravel as this will help prevent the bamboo shoots from reaching the surface.

Put a barrier around them. If you want to control your otherwise attract bamboo trees you can build a barrier around them. This will block the bamboo from spreading throughout your yard. You can make this barrier out of plastic or metal and it should be placed about two feet under the ground for it to hold properly.

Use an herbicide. If you cannot seem to control the bamboo shoots that grow beyond the original plant sometimes killing them may be the only way to remove them. This is a method that should be used with caution, and it should be done as a last resort. For this process to be most effective you should cut the bamboo shoots down to six inches.

Cook them. First, you should cut the bamboo shoots to no more than a few inches from the ground. Then, you should spread some nitrogen fertilizer over the entire grove of bamboo. It should be thick enough to cover all the shoots that have been cut. Then, cover it with a transparent sheet.