How to Get Rid of Bulky Garden Waste

By Subodh / February 26, 2013

Spring is in the air, and if you are considering having a mighty clear out of your garden to prepare for the summer, one thing you may well find yourself left with is a large pile of garden waste, some of which could be very bulky.

It’s all well and good putting the grass cuttings on the compost heap in the corner of the garden, but what should you do with all of the larger items? For example, if you cut down your largest tree, re-turf the lawn or landscape your garden, the amount of waste produced may well be a bit too much to handle.

If so, here is a guide to how best to get rid of your bulky garden waste in the most convenient way possible.

Bulky Garden Waste1. Book a Skip

If you have a large amount of bulky items to get rid of then it is nearly always a good idea to book yourself a skip. If you are unsure where to start your search, try to use a company that is accredited with the The National Skip Hire Association (NSHA).

Think about the price when you book your skip and remember that a large skip is often the most cost-effective option because if you hire one that is too small and have to book another one, the cost will go up considerably.

2. Separate the Waste

Before you start loading the waste into your skip, avoid mixing green waste with mixed waste such as furniture and plant pots. Mention this to your skip hire company when you order your skip and you may even be able to save some money because they will not have to sort the waste themselves.

3. Reduce the Volume

If you have a large number of particularly bulky items, you may not be able to fit all of them into a single skip. This can cost you more money, so to reduce the chances of this happening, try to cut up the items to reduce the amount of space that they take up. For example, if you have some large and awkward branches to fit into the skip, chop them up first if you can, and then load the heavy items on top of the softer waste to compress it all down.

4. Find Other Uses for Your Waste

To reduce the amount of garden waste that you put in your skip, try to find other uses for it. For example, if you have cut down a tree then you may want to cut the branches up into small logs that people can use for their fires (unless of course you want to burn them yourself). You may even be able to sell them and make a bit of money on the side.

Other Options

If you do not want to hire a skip, there are always other options. You could take the waste to your local green recycling centre yourself after getting a permit from your local council. This is less convenient because you have to transport the waste yourself, but if you do not have that much to throw away then it could be a convenient option.

You may also be able to get a brown wheelie bin from your council that is used especially for garden waste, and the council will then take the waste to a green processing centre for you. However, this may not be that suitable for larger items. In some cases, your local council may have its own bulky waste service where they will pick up your items for you, so call them to find out if this is an option.

Another option is to use a firm like Anyjunk who will come to your home and clear your garden waste for you so you don’t have to load and transport it yourself.

Enjoy Your Garden Space

If you have just cleared out your garden, or you have large items of garden waste lying around because you do not know what to do with them, try to sort it out as soon as possible. Summer is just around the corner, so follow the tips above to clear the waste from your garden in the most economical and convenient way possible.