How To Get Rid of Buttercup

Creeping butternut is one of the more common plant invaders, thriving in conditions that are damp and moist. It grows and spreads rapidly and hogs most of the water and nutrients in the soil. This means that plants around are starved and either don’t grow properly or die. They can take over your whole garden within a short period of time. Getting rid of them is no easy task but it is definitely possible.

Dig them up

The best and most affordable method of getting rid of buttercup is to pull them out. Remember as with most weeds you want to get right down to the roots so that you can get the whole root system out. It is important to remember to always wear gloves or use some sort of go between like a towel to remove buttercup. Using your bare hands can lead to trouble because of the harmful oils that buttercup releases.

Weed killers

When you don’t feel like the tedious task of pulling a lot of weeds out of the ground you can always use weed killers. Some may be selective, meaning they will only kill certain weeds, while others are non-selective, meaning they will kill all plants that are exposed to it. There are a number of chemical and organic herbicides available but always make sure you are getting the right one to kill buttercup. The ideal time to use this is in the late morning. You may have to repeat the process several times per month for full effect.


Mulch is a mixture of synthetic and natural materials that is meant to protect plants against weeds. It helps block sunlight which weeds need in order to grow properly. While protecting the plants it also helps to provide them with nutrients by retain water and providing an appropriate temperature. You can make your own mulch or get a bag from your local nursery.


There are a number of organic methods you can use before resorting to chemicals. Install proper drainage systems to allow excess water to run out. This improved drainage will help to prevent buttercups from growing. Make sure you use a good fertilizer which will help the strong plants to grow so that there is no chance of buttercup growing. Use lime on your foliage area in order to get a balanced pH. An imbalance can give buttercups a chance to grow.