How To Get Rid of Canada Thistle

The weed Canada thistle is a source of irritation of most of the American households because it occupies a lot of land area in the garden that could have been used for growing organic vegetables for the household. Not only kitchen gardens, but parks and other green landscapes also get covered with Canada thistle weed and it doesn’t let flowers to bloom properly because this weed is highly competitive in sucking the nutrients from the landscape’s soil.

Simply pulling multitudes of these weeds out of the mud is not a solution because these problematic weeds are really deep rooted and they grow again and again. But over these years, some successfully used methods of eradicating this weed from some portion of land have been discovered and you can also use them. Nothing is impossible; not even the eradication of Canada thistle!

How to Get Rid of Canada thistle

Pull all the Canada thistle weeds out and consistently mow the land: This is a manual method of using your hands to pull out each and every Canada thistle weed plant from the land until the land is temporarily free of this persistent weed. Once the land gets cleared for the time being, you should immediately plough the land deeply. This is because the Canada thistle roots that have been surviving in the deep soil would not get a chance to grow. The ploughing and mowing of the land must be dome repeatedly every now and then unless the roots get completely pulled out. This method is suitable only if the Canada thistle weeds are few in number.

If they are too many then deny them sun exposure to kill them: If your land is completely covered with this persistent weed and it is not possible for you to pull out the weed manually, then you can use this method to permanently kill the Canada thistles. In this method, you have to cover the Canada thistle weeds with black polythene bags or thick black plastic sheets so that the weeds don’t get sun’s rays at all. This artificial unavailability of sun’s rays will stop the photosynthesis process in the weeds through which they make their food in layman terms. This way, the Canada thistle plants will die from starvation.

The usage of good quantity of compost on the land will help: Although the Canada thistle weeds are known to thrive on the nutrients from the soil, but these weeds can’t tolerate the natural fertilizers or compost. The compost slowly kills these Canada thistle weeds. You can use the home made compost for this purpose too. You have to add the compost to the land that is inhabited by this weed. If you have used good quantity of compost, then not only will the weed die, but the other useful plants grown on that land will also be nourished.

Keep an eye on kitchen garden daily for small weed buds: Another good practice to get rid of Canada thistle is to remove even one small bud that appears in your kitchen farm. This must be practiced on a daily basis. Also, it is much easier to eliminate buds of the weed than pulling our fully grown plants. That’s because the roots of the buds of Canada thistle aren’t deep seated in the soil and they can be uprooted easily. You must take action against the growth of the weed in the initial stages only because that is much easier. A garden scissors can be used to cut the buds or small Canada thistle growths at their base. This is also known as one of the organic methods to easily keep the weed in check without using chemicals.

Treat your farm land with glyphosates to actually kill the thistles: The non organic or chemical treatment can be done to kill the fast spreading weed. Commonly glyphosate chemical compound is available in the market which can be sprinkled on the Canada thistle weed to make it wither away in very less time. You have to apply the chemical at the base of the Canada thistle weed. This chemical treatment should be used when you have a large farming area which can’t be treated for the presence of the weed by manual methods. However, you should be wary of spraying the chemical compound on the complete farmland because other crops might die too. You can use other herbicides too that can be tolerated by other crops grown on the land. Make use of spraying machine to spray certain acids on the Canada thistle.

Stricter way to get rid of the weed is to infest land with some insects: If you don’t want to use chemicals on your farmland and you aren’t willing to spend time in pulling out the Canada thistle weeds, then the last resort is to biologically pollute your farm with certain insects. These insects can be beetles, special species of butterflies, weevils etc. These insects help in killing the Canada thistle plants by feeding on them and destroying them. The Canada thistle weed will not be able to multiply in the presence of these insects. It’s better to consult some farming specialist before utilizing this method. It’s because you would have to make sure that the insect species attacks only the weed.

Whatever you do, don’t forget that in effort to eradicate the weed, you can’t let your lawn/garden take too much hit. Make sure to go gently about it.