How To Get Rid of Cloudy Pool Water

Having a pool is a great thing because you can cool off on those hot days. During these weeks you tend to take care of your pool since you use it regularly. During the colder months you won’t use it as much and it becomes very easy to let your pool go. If you are faced with cloudy pool water there are a number of things you can do to get rid of it.

What causes cloudy pool water?

There are many things that can cause cloudy pool water and they are generally either living organisms or chemicals. Bacteria should be the number one reason why you should clean your pool, and are often the reason why you don’t feel so well after a swim. The pH is also important, and if it is too basic the water can turn murky, and if it is too acidic the pool itself can deteriorate. Too much chlorine can damage your skin while too little can lead to a build up bacteria. Too little calcium is a danger to any metal surfaces, while too much leads to clogging and so water cannot flow out properly.

Cleaning tools

When your pool is murky there are a few ways you can clean it. Chances are it is not just murky but that it has some dirt in it too. A telescoping pole will allow you to collect any dirt in the pool. To clean the surface of the pool itself you should invest in a hard scrubbing brush. Water vacuums work much like indoor devices and it aims to filter the water and remove dirt. This is good for those things that you can’t simply scoop up with a net. Testing kits are important because it will give you an indication of how clean your pool is.

Calling in the professionals

If your pool is so far-gone that you can’t see a way to get it clear again then it is time to call in the professionals. Since there are so many reasons why your pool can be cloudy in the first place it is best to let a professional identify the problem and treat it directly. This doesn’t mean you have to hire one often, but it can just be a once off where they give your pool the full treatment. They can then give you tips on how to maintain your pool so that it stays clear and sparkling.