How To Get Rid of Dandelions

By Subodh / January 23, 2011

Dandelions are a very persistent perennial weed. They can be beautiful, but many people who have them in their yards prefer them not to be there.

The main reason they are often considered a nuisance is because many people prefer just a totally green lawn with no weeds or flowers in it. Maybe they would be the type of people who would prefer that the dandelions be in decorative patches but just not spread over the whole lawn.

Elimination Process

A variety of methods of dandelion removal have been used over the years. You can pick and choose which ways are best for you. More than one way is provided as a suggestion to help you in case one way does not work as well as you hoped.

Mow your lawn. If you do this while your lawn is in bloom it can help you get rid of dandelion patches. If you mow your lawn or garden regularly it can help prevent the dandelions from blossoming, maturing, and seeding. If you prevent seeding you can prevent future dandelion growth.

Dig out the dandelions by the root. This means more than just pulling the flowers out of the soil. You actually need to dig as deep as possible until you get to the bottom of this flower’s web of roots below the surface of the dirt.

Boil them to death. This method is otherwise referred to as “poaching”. It involves pouring hot water over dandelions in order to kill them. You might want to especially try this on a hot, sunny day-just on the dandelions not the grass.

Feed the animals with these flowers. If you do not at all like the looks of dandelions in your lawn you can at least make some use of them. You could learn how to make dandelion wine, or even use parts of this flower in salads. However, one very useful tip is to give them to animals because they have in them Vitamin C and Vitamin A.

Feed the dandelions corn gluten (safe herbicide alternative). This is a substance that has been used on quite a few types of weeds in lawns and gardens. It can be used on dandelions, too. The main purpose is to kill these flowers without using dangerous chemical herbicides.

Burn the dandelions. This is easiest done with a weed torch. You could also hire a professional burn crew if you do not want to do this yourself. This method is very effective, but it is not necessarily considered the safest so be careful.