How to Get Rid of Garden Slugs

By Subodh / September 6, 2012

Garden slugs are irritating like any other pests that can be found in a garden and sometimes it can be quite difficult to get rid of them. They can ruin the vegetables that you grow in garden and cause various other problems. For this very reason, they have to be removed from your garden. There are many ways of doing so. You just have to lay down the ‘traps’ and before you know it, your garden will be miraculously slug free. Here are a few methods of ridding yourself of garden slugs without making the job too icky:

One of the most effective ways of getting rid of garden slugs is to spray them with a diluted version of ammonia. The ammonia dissolves the snails in 5 minutes and does cause any harm to the foliage. You need to mix ammonia and water at a ratio of 1:6. This method is instantaneous and provides excellent results.

Beer can be used as an excellent weapon against slugs. However, they have the tendency to be attracted towards beer because of the presence of barley and yeast. Put some in a bowl and bury it in the ground so that only the brink is visible. Do not fill the entire bowl. When the snails try to drink the beer, they fall inside and drown in it.

Slugs in beer

A more natural method is to get rid of garden slugs is to use caffeine based spray like coffee. Slugs do not like caffeine and slink away before coming too close to it. Soon you will find that all the slugs have gone away from the garden to avoid caffeine as it reduces their appetite. As caffeine is harmless to everything else, you need not worry about using this method.

Salt is also an excellent way to repel slugs. All you need to do is surround the area that needs to be protected with sprinkled salt. Slugs do not dare go near salt. However, the one major problem with using salt is that if used too much it can make the land completely barren.

Sand, surprisingly is really bad for snails. It cuts their bellies, thus killing them. So if you simply surround the area that needs protecting with sand, it is guaranteed that they will be safe.

Use plants that have red leaves as barriers. Snails do not like red leaves either and avoid them. It is a simple method and does not require too much work. But most importantly, it is completely natural and does not have any side effects.

All of these ways are easy to execute and have been tested and approved. Most of these methods have been used for many years to get rid of garden slugs. Some methods can be a little disgusting, especially the one involving ammonia but most are not. Ammonia is one of the most effective methods used. You can use any of the above mentioned methods to rid your garden of pests.