How To Get Rid of Grass

There are a number of ways to get rid of grass. Grass need to be removed if you are planning to plant vegetables, flowers or trees in your garden. There can be some other reasons for removing the grass of your garden or some other places. Before you choose the method to get rid of grass, you first have to determine the objectives. You need to know the process of getting rid of the grass if you want to make an area free of the grass.

Tips To Get Rid of the Grass

You need to follow some tips for getting rid of the grass. Here are some simple solutions that will help you in reaching your goal.

How to Get Rid of Grass

  • The grass removal process depends on your energy and the area from where you want to remove grass. If the area is small then you need to spend less energy than a large area. Physical energy is an important factor if you are thinking about trying to clean grass by yourself. You can even rototill your garden area. You can use some machine to do this task easily.
  • The type of the grass plant is also another factor if you are thinking about removing the grass from your lawn. According to the type of grass you have to choose the machine. Thick grass can be removed easily than the older grass. When removing the grass, you need to think about the type of the grass and then you should take the required steps for that type of grass.

Methods You Can Apply To Get Rid Of Grass

You can apply different methods. It will be helpful to remove grass from your lawn. Different methods are available nowadays for gardening. You can try any of them according to your comfort.

  • Poly Tarps: Polarization is a method to get rid of grass. This is a process of the soil sterilization with the use of clear plastic. Light exclusion is also a version of this which is done with the use of black plastic. This is effective for the lawn removal. This is the best method for the areas having high temperatures. It is important to cut the grass in a way that they become smaller. After that, you need to cover that area with black polyethylene and after that we need to place the polyethylene with metal stakes or rocks. You should be careful about having no hole in the cover. It will trap the radiant energy of the sun in the soil. The process will be effective if the heating process is done to the top twelve to eighteen inches of the area. The temperature of the top of the area will be high if the process is done properly. The temperature can vary on the variation of the location. You need to leave the area for some weeks in the hot weather and the grass will automatically be dead. Other insects of that area will also be dead in the grass.
  • Sheet Composing: Sheet composing is another way of getting rid of the grass. For doing this, at first you need to cut the grass in smaller size. Then it is essential to use cardboard for covering the entire area. You can also use newspaper instead of cardboard. It’s basically just something that can cover the entire area where Operation: Remove Grass is to take place. Overlapping the edges is important for avoiding the sunlight. Then the water paper is needed to cover with the layer of the compost which is needed to be at least four inches thick. If you want to plant anything, you can spread the seeds of that plant over that.
  • Digging: Digging is another process of removing grass. If you want to plant a tree, you can dig that place. It will automatically remove the grass of that place. There are some tools for digging he soil. You can use them. Some insects live in the soil. They can come out at the time of digging. You need to be careful about them. You can spread water over the specific area before digging. It will help you in digging the soil easily. You need to apply this process if the soil is dry or the grass is old. It will decrease your labor by making the soil wet.

If you can’t remove the grass by yourself, you can take the help of an expert. Yes, there is professional help available – both at small and grand level. Like for instance, you can simply hire a labor to help you to do this. That also comes at various levels and settings depending on the magnitude of the task and the equipments/labor needed. So you will be able to solve your problem in exchange of some money. Take the help of the experts to solve your problems easily.


Different solutions are available if you are thinking about how to get rid of grass. Most of the time, people try to use the unused space for gardening or even for other purposes. If you are also one of them, then you also need to remove the grass of that place. You need to know about the removal process of the grass. There are different modern tools which can help you to do this easily. Do you want to know one simple trick? Just spray vinegar (any type) on the offending blades to get rid of grass. Vinegar is known as a magical weed killer!