How To Get Rid of Lawn Stickers

There are loads of different annoyances that appear when it comes to gardens like weeds and bugs. Lawn stickers are particularly bad because they are all spiky and can cause harm to you when walking on them or when driving your bicycle over them. Even pets and animals that run around can succumb to these little menaces and can get infections. A good way to save yourself from this hassle is to get rid of them.

Get to the bottom of it

The best way to get rid of lawn stickers is to get to the root of the problem. Simply cutting them at the stalks will do no good because they will just grow back again. You need to cut them right at the root. This will essentially make them die of starvation. They won’t be able to produce seeds or flower. It is better to use a hoe because lawnmowers may not cut as closely to the ground.

Rip it out

Because lawn stickers are not well removed by lawnmowers a good idea would be too pull them right out. Since they are spiky and potentially harmful you should get a pair of garden gloves to prevent getting hurt. Your aim is to get them from the root and pull the entire plant out of the ground. Try to do this in the early morning when the soil is softer and moister. Once you have removed all the lawn stickers try and get rid of any seeds that may have fallen.


Plants by nature compete with each other for nutrients, water and light. As with many weeds, lawn stickers are keen on growing in areas there they have no competition. This makes thriving much easier. They are sensitive to competition so the best thing to do is to plant some. To find out what the best plants are to serve this purpose you should ask at your local nursery. After all you don’t want to plant something that will cause more harm than good.


Another good way of getting rid of lawn stickers is to burn it. Before doing so always check what the rules and regulations for burning are in your area. You can get special burning kits from your nursery. Be sure to follow all the instructions properly and don’t leave any fires unattended. You won’t have any more lawn stickers bothering you after this.