How To Get Rid Of Leaves

By Subodh / January 20, 2011

In the fall you often are blessed with an array of leaf colors. However, no matter how beautiful they are at the start they will eventually all dry out and turn a dingy brown.

These dried up leaves then get stepped on, or the rain drenches them and they get stuck in mud of a pathway. In any case, they can appear somewhat unsightly after awhile.

Removal of Leaves

Usually this is not that hard of a task, though it can be time consuming. There may be ways of cutting down the time it takes to getting rid of the leaves from your yard.

However, the method you choose is up to you. The ways most people use are listed and described further below:

Get rid of the leaves the old-fashioned way (raking). The raking of course can help you gather up all the leaves. If you do not have one usually they are available in any lawn & garden section of a home improvement store or shopping center.

Get someone to remove them for you. Maybe you work 10 to 12 hours a day. Maybe you raise kids and do not want to take time out to rake leaves. You can pay some neighborhood kids (or even adults) to do it, or you can hire a yard care worker.

Use them to make compost. As you allow the leaves to decay it can be used as a fertilizer. You can put them in a compost pile or perhaps if you have a mulching or compost machine you can prepare the leaves in it.

Burn the leaves. This can really help get rid of the piles of leaves that you have built up after raking or blowing. However, one concern about this is about the pollutants that are emitted into the air when you do this.

A leaf blower. Using a leaf blower to wisp the leaves out of a path or drive way can be helpful. This works best when you live in a more secluded location, although you may possibly be able to blow leaves from a front yard to the curb.

Getting rid of leaves does not have to be that daunting of a task. Still, if you think it is too big of a job for you it can be passed on to someone else.

Of all the methods above, one of the most naturally efficient is probably the compost method. It helps put the leaves back into the ground to be recycled versus being thrown away.