How To Get Rid of Rust

Rust is what you get when oxygen meets iron. It is everywhere simply because of the amount of iron that there is around you. Rust is never appealing and it can spoil the look of your car or your boat, and even your clothes and household goods. It can be tough to get rid of but it can be done.

Removing rust from your clothes

The best way to deal with rust on clothing is to avoid it altogether. Always have a look at the care labels to ensure you know how to clean the item without damaging it. When you have a rust stain, use a paper towel to soak it up and use lemon juice and let it soak for a while. Other citrus fruit juices and vinegar would work as well. After this place the item in direct sunlight and rinse as normal. For a more chemical approach you can use any laundry detergent and rinse as normal. The key to ridding your clothes of rust stains is to act quickly.

Removing rust from your carpets

Carpets are an important decorative piece in any home and rust is the last thing you need. Rust accumulates when you place metal objects near your carpets. You should use a blunt blade to scrape most of the rust off and then spray some lemon juice on the area. Leave for about ten minutes and then blot with a paper towel. To get the entire stain out use a detergent like dishwashing liquid and use a brush in circular motions. Dry the carpet and then vacuum.

Removing rust from your stainless steel

Many people are under the impression that stainless steel doesn’t come with the problem of rust but it does eventually. The simplest way to get rid of rust on these surfaces is to use a piece of aluminum foil and rub the stain out. For faster action you can add lemon juice or vinegar. The second thing you can do is use potassium cyanide, mixed with calcium carbonate and water. Although it is quite effective, this is quite a dangerous paste so it should be used with care. The next method you can use is a zinc solution. This works well for smaller items made from stainless steel. The more outrageous but still effective method would be electrolysis but then you would somehow have to get hold of electrodes.