Get Rid of Bad Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas!

By Subodh / January 28, 2014

People tend to believe that the traditional gifts of flowers and candy have lost their sentiment over the decades. This is not necessarily true. Most women still appreciate the timeless ritual. In fact, some women will consider it a must.

However, just like anything else the Valentine’s Day custom can begin to seem less thoughtful and more conditioned over years of the same thing. So, start with the traditional then add some modern spice.

This particular article is focused on the newlyweds with a fresh family start. It was different when it was just you and her. All the focus was on each other’s happiness and you knew just what to get her because you hung on her every word. Now, you can’t hear her words because they are drowned out by baby cries. Her words have now turned into request for more diapers and bouts of frustration.

Well, she is still your Valentine and she needs to be reminded of that now more than ever. Consider hiring a sitter, or at least make sure that you have a bouncer or play yard to keep the baby near but out of her arms so that she can relax and enjoy your romance. Better yet, think of how nice it will to watch baby after you create her a nice bubble bath with heart shaped scented candles for ambience. Top it off with a bouquet of her favorite flowers and candy on a nicely set dinner table and watch her swoon.

valentine giftLove 365 Days a Year

There’s a date on the calendar dedicated to mothers, but taking care of the new baby fills every day of the year. You’re both doing a wonderful job, and you deserve special treatment, so never feel the need to wait for a designated holiday. Doing something thoughtful for someone you love should happen 365 days out of a year. Take this time to not only adore your wife but your baby as well. A father’s bond with his baby is priceless.

It is tough in the beginning but your baby’s beautiful smile and the way you can’t help but smile back makes it all worth it. While your big baby is the tub having the soak of her life, you can be creating unbreakable bonds with your little baby. Try to catch as many of those moments on video. They’ll make you feel wonderful, and the memories will last forever.

The Thought Counts

Raising a new family can be expensive, so it understandable if you cannot splurge on your wife the way that you would like to. She most likely understands that too. It is true what they say about the thoughtfulness of a gift. Do not buy her household gadgets such as a blender or such as a personal gift. Buy her something that will make her feel pretty, special, sexy, or adored.

Something as simple as her favorite type of sleepwear, a spa treatment, or her favorite fragrance works. However, do not buy her a gym membership even if she speaks about wanting to work off that baby weight. You would be taking a risk of sending the wrong signal. Women are famous for hinting at gift ideas. So, pay close attention weeks prior to a special occasion.

Diamonds and Shiny Things

Another sure fire way to make her day is a jewelry gift. It does not have to be as lavish as a tennis bracelet. In a lot of cases personalized jewelry sends better message. The fact that you took the time to think of what words that describes your feelings which are to be engraved in precious metal wins you automatic points. Never underestimate the power of shiny gems. Consider a pair of earrings set with her birthstone. This says two things to her. One, you actually remember her birthday. Two, you thought enough of her gift to make it personal.

Another idea is an engraved locket included with a sappy note stating something like, “Now we will always be just a heartbeat away”. Lastly, think about his and hers engraved bracelets with a “best friend” theme. The idea that you consider her your best friend is a winner. Be careful to add more than though as to not undermine your marriage.

What About You

Being a new family man takes patience, courage and self-confidence. You have all these qualities, but it’s not always easy to stay on top of everything. Make room in your new life for time that belongs to you only. As you treat your mate with a luxurious bubble bath, do it selflessly because you will get to bask in the aftereffect.

After a wonderful day of pampering, relaxation, revitalizing her energy, she will be ready to give you almost anything you want. Make sure you already know what you want ahead of time so you want miss the opportunity by stalling. We all know that a woman’s impulse leaves as quickly as it comes.

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