How Do You Trim a Beard

There is hardly anything more masculine about the appearance of a man than his facial hair, particularly the beard. You will find the majority of men hailing from elite and royal backgrounds have an elegant and stylish beard. While having a beard is a nice way to ooze masculine appeal and personality, maintaining it is not exactly a cakewalk, as many bearded men will testify! If you let the beard grow naturally, after a point it will become rather unmanageable, giving you a scruffy look.

The Need To Trim Beard

One way to deal with a scruffy beard is shaving it off, but that is not an option when you want to retain facial hair. With proper equipments, you can trim the beard and enhance your appearance to an extent. Before trimming your beard, a few things need to be considered. Different people have different type of beard, with different thickness, texture and smoothness. It is not as simple as running a trimmer randomly in all directions. You have to ensure apt grooming products to ensure the beard stays in proper shape and trimming does not affect it adversely.

trim a beard

Equipment You Will Require

There is no need to rush to your neighborhood salon to get your beard trimmed. With a few equipment you can accomplish it at the comfort of your home. The equipment are:

  • Scissors
  • Beard trimmer, with attachments
  • Hair comb
  • A mirror

There are so many models of beard trimmers that you may get perplexed. Invest in a cordless or wired model that comes with attachments with length adjustment, to achieve the best trim!

Steps Involved In Trimming

Washing- To make the beard ready for trimming and chopping, it is better if you give it a proper rinse beforehand. This can be done with lukewarm water and mild cleanser. A cleaner beard is definitely simpler to trim. It also helps in untangling a thick beard.
Brushing-Using a comb with thick brushes slide it against the grain. This will be helpful for trimming and thwart the hair from flowing in various directions.

Trimming- If you are using the trimmer for the first time, choosing the cap length can be somewhat tedious. It all depends on how short or long you want the beard to be post trimming. For a 3 day cut look, you may use the trimmer without the attachment. If you want a fuller look, use an attachment with apt length.

Trim downwards the face, towards the jawline. Repeat this on both sides of face. Beginners can start with the position where the beard ends.

Finding The Right Edge– A majority of men may find trimming perfectly an ordeal, simply owing to the fact few facial hairs grow in an uneven manner. You can eliminate them with the help of a cartridge razor. The same equipment can be used to define an edge for the beard. Initially, you may need the help of a barber to define the edge.

Dealing With The SideBurns- It depends on the shape of your face and how formal or stylish a look you want. It is not mandatory that you have to use the ears as a level.

Neck Part– You can either define a border or let the beard stay natural to its edge. However, it is important that you do not treat neck hair the same way you treat facial hair.

You may find defining a line with trimmer and razor quite tedious, especially if you do it personally. It may appear rather unnatural. Most men find it very hard to define a symmetrical and clean line which looks natural. So, it is okay if you ask a barber for the same task.

On the contrary, it is easier if you prefer to stick with the natural edge of your beard at the neck part. You may create a layered cut effect down the jawline. You may shorten the cap length of trimmer bay few centimeters for this. It lends you a sophisticated and elegant look.

The Finishing Touch

When you are done with riming and satisfied with the end result, give the finishing touch. Rinse the face and beard with water to ensure loose hair does not remain on your skin. If you are free, add some conditioning gel or oil to the beard.