How To Avoid Personal Injury Lawsuits Because of Accidents At Home

By Subodh / January 12, 2014

If someone who visits your home suffers from an injury due to some kind of accident then there’s a very good chance that you might end up being sued. Personal injury lawsuits are often filed by people who are injured on other peoples’ properties and could place these people at risk of harm.

The effects of such a lawsuit can be serious. However, it may be easy for you to avoid these lawsuits if you use a few considerations.

Use Preventative Measures

It’s clear that the best way to keep an injury from occurring is to make sure that you use the right preventative measures to keep it from being a threat. You can use measures like making sure that you review the place and clean it out as needed. It might be best to close off places that are dangerous too.

Is a Landlord at Fault?

If you’re on a home at an apartment building, terraced property or other place where a landlord is present then you might end up being able to avoid a lawsuit by looking to see if the landlord is liable. This could be due to the landlord failing to allow you to maintain your property.

Sometimes a landlord might block maintenance plans or engineering work on a property. This could put people at your property at risk of harm and should be factored into a potential lawsuit. You may be able to get the lawsuit to move towards the landlord than yourself if the landlord is found to be liable for keeping you from keeping your property safe.

Again, this point relates to places where you might be held under certain restrictions. It could be to your personal benefit if you can find a way to deflect the issue.

Contact a Professional Engineer

It might help for you to request the services of a professional engineer to take a look at your home. The engineer can review your home to see if there are any faults or issues around the property that might have caused your home to be a risk. In some cases a fault may not be found, thus keeping you from being liable for something that happened.

This should still be done even before people come to your home so you can make sure your home is safe. It can help you to determine if any further renovation or construction work is needed on a property in the event that it is not built to the standards that you want it to work under.

Do You Have Liability Insurance?

Liability insurance will protect you from legal charges in the event that you are sued. This means that you may be able to use this insurance to cover the expenses of someone’s injury because a person can try and file a lawsuit against you. This is typically a form of compensation for someone’s injury but it could be critical with regards to keeping such an injury from being worse.

Can You Use a Waiver of Release?

If your home has a business on its premises and it entails all sorts of special functions that might be risky to some people then a waiver of release may be prepared. This means that someone would have to sign it saying that you are not liable for any injuries that occur on the premises of a property.

This is typically useful if you have a place that might cause injuries. For instance, if you have a woodworking shop at home and you run your business out of it then you could ask for someone to sign such a waiver to ensure that you’re protected in the event that something wrong does happen.

If you take a look at the services from then you may learn if you are actually legally able to get such a waiver ready for your premises. This might assist you with getting the most out of your property and with ensuring that legal problems will not cause a significant threat to you in any way possible.

These standards must be used so you can keep such a lawsuit from being a threat. You must be certain that your plans are in check so you will avoid serious problems from such legal action.