How To Choose The Ideal Wedding Cakes For Your Wedding?

By Subodh / January 8, 2014

You may have heard couples tell horror stories of how their cake was so awful despite paying top dollar for it. The fact is that buying great wedding cakes requires much more than the willingness to pay top dollar. You need to involve yourself in the process to ensure that it is perfect in every way.

Start with a big name bakery in your city

If you want to find the perfect wedding cake then start by understanding the fact those big name bakers has a reputation for a reason. However, not all big name bakers specialize in baking wedding cakes. If you are not sure which bakery in your city specializes in wedding cakes then do a quick Google search. Read reviews and call up the bakery to find out what the process of getting your cake baked will entail. Then visit the bakery and as you walk in try to imagine the type of cake that you want. You can either search for a picture of the ideal cake online or sketch how you want the cake to look like. This should help give the bakers a starting point. The bakery itself should have an album of cake designs which you can go over. That being said never be pushed into placing an order right away. Always take your time after all it’s your wedding cake.

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Start early

You should start working on getting your wedding cake six months in advance. Once you become fully aware of your clothes’ color scheme and the venue, the next thing in line should be your cake. This will give you enough time to shop around for the best service and competitive rates.

Check out the taste

The commonsense way to avoid a wedding cake disaster is to taste the cake before you order it. Arrange for a tasting session with the baker you are interested in buying a cake from. Make sure to taste all flavors if there are multiple layers with different flavors. You should never assume how a cake will taste based on what has gone into it. A rule of thumb when booking your wedding cake is to avoid exotic tastes. Sometimes the wedding couple may like the exotic taste but there is a chance it will alienate guests. You obviously do not want to end up taking the entire cake home just because nobody liked it.

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Creatively designed cakes

The time of cookie cutter type cake designs is long gone, today it’s all about unique, cool and sexy wedding cake designs that fit in with your wedding theme. Make sure that the colors, frosting and toppings on your cake match your wedding dress, jewelry and your groom. There are some expert bakers that can replicate jewels that a bride may be wearing on the cake.

Most common wedding cake errors

When it comes to planning a custom cake there are two big errors that need to be avoided. The first and perhaps the most common of the two is waiting till the very last minute to first design and then order your cake. This is perhaps the biggest mistake you’ll make because big name bakeries that specialize in wedding cakes often have a custom cake calendar that is booked months in advance. Also, at times special decorations and ingredients have to be ordered as well as created from scratch in some instances. This can be time consuming and you run the risk of getting your order request turned down.

The other mistake brides make is having way too many people giving advice and input. Having too many people advising you at the same time on everything from frosting, to color and flavor will drive you crazy for sure. So, the best way to retain your sanity is to keep the number of people who visit the bakery with you down to around three max. You need to end up choosing a cake that you feel good about, despite what others have to say. Everyone with you should help with deciding the flavor, and design instead of making you second guesses yourself throughout the time you’re in the bakery which can for all intents and purposes be counterproductive.

Mark is an experienced wedding planner with over a decade of industry experience. He has worked with over five dozen wedding couples and understands exactly what is needed in matters like wedding cakes, dresses and jewelry.