How To Choose Your Perfect Christmas Costume

Weeks before Christmas Day arrives, people around the country start dressing their homes, their front doors – even their work desks – for the holiday. As you create a holiday atmosphere in your home and workplace, don’t forget about dressing yourself for Christmas time. What you wear and how you present yourself to your guests will add as much to the holiday spirit as the garland draped over your doorway, the candles on top of your hearth and the Santa Claus bobble head doll on your desk.

Christmas celebrations come in all shapes and sizes; you might find yourself wondering what to wear to each of the parties you’re invited to or the one you’re hosting in your home. There are simple guidelines you can follow when deciding on the perfect Christmas costume. Rather than pressure yourself to come up with a bunch of creative costume ideas, you can use this list and check out a place such as Props and Frocks to take care of the creativity for you.


Guidelines for Choosing the Ideal Christmas Costume

  1. Choose Statement-Making Outer Wear. Cold, snowy weather dictates that you wear something warm over your attire or costume as you go to parties or travel to family celebrations. Change your usual coat from ho-hum to a holiday statement-maker by adding Christmas-themed scarves, hats or mittens. Go fancy by wearing a faux fur stole, the way they did during Christmases long ago.
  2. Add Sparkle and Shine. Nothing says “Christmas” like silver, gold and glitter. You can jazz up any holiday costume with a little sparkle and shine. Choose a glittery red or green top, or silver and gold accessories. This is a simple way to feel more Christmas-y, even in an otherwise conservative setting.
  3. Red and Green are the New Black. Whoever says you should avoid wearing red and green at Christmas time is an old party pooper. There are likely to be several little black dresses walking around, but none of them will turn heads like a little red or green dress. If you’re aim is to increase the fun factor, choose a red or green costume that will grab everyone’s attention the minute you walk through the door.
  4. Say “Christmas” with Accessories and Props. Even if you can’t go all out with a Christmas costume, there are plenty of holiday-themed accessories and props you can incorporate into your attire to get in the spirit of the season. Choose a Christmas hat, a pair of angel wings or something fun and silly that makes your stuffy old suit feel a little less serious.
  5. Wear Festive Prints and Patterns. Something as simple as a reindeer tie or pair of Christmas tree socks can make you feel like Christmas. Opt for a costume or garment with bold Christmas colors or a print that signifies the holiday season to you. Of all the times of the year, this is the one season where you can get away with wearing something that borders on gawdy.
  6. Make Sure Your Costume Fits. Even if you’re planning to show up to the neighbor’s party dressed as Santa Claus, it’s important to make sure you wear a costume that fits.
  7. Ditch the Tacky Christmas Jumper. It probably made people laugh the first year you wore it, but that tacky Christmas tree jumper with the blinking lights will quickly get old. Retire it in favor of something more fashion-forward or outlandishly fun.
  8. Let Your Personality Shine Through. Your partner may encourage you to dress up like Naughty Santa, but if your personality is more like a Dickens’ caroler, then go with what will allow your personality to shine through. You’ll feel more comfortable and, as a result, have a lot more fun.
  9. Avoid Office Party No-No’s. If you work for Mr. Scrooge, it can be hard to dress in a festive way at the office. Add conservative touches that make you feel in the Christmas spirit, like red or green accessories, a holiday-patterned shirt or vest.
  10. Have Fun. It’s possible to get away with a lot in the name of spreading Christmas cheer. Let your inner child loose and have fun by wearing that elf costume you’ve been eying the past two seasons. There are a variety of fun costumes you can wear for one day or throughout the season that are sure to bring a smile to your face as well as everyone else’s.

Christmas Comes But Once a Year

Merry Christmas

The holiday season comes and goes quickly…far too quickly for those who view it as their favorite time of year. As you endeavor to make sure that everyone around you enjoys the season, make a point of having fun yourself. Wearing fun, holiday-themed clothing and costumes is an easy way to take part in the celebrations. There’s no need to limit yourself to one outfit or costume, especially if you have several functions to attend.

If your entire family will be attending Christmas celebrations together, get your partner and children involved in dressing up. Create lifelong memories with the kids as they choose holiday-themed costumes they can wear throughout the season. Encourage creative use of your costumes by extending their use to school or church Christmas plays. Christmas comes but once a year; make the most of this special season by dressing the part.