How To Deal With Common Kissing Issues

By Subodh / December 22, 2013

Empty your mind

If your mind is not empty and thinking of countless things at the time of the kiss, it will mostly ruin your kiss. Most people face the problem of thinking too much at the time of the kiss. Is this position ok? Do I smell bad? How will it be? How will my partner react? Am I a good kisser? When should I let my tongue come in the play? All these questions might occupy your mind so much that you may actually tarnish the moment. Kiss is not about proving if you are good or bad at it. It is a natural way of expressing your love for someone. The moment needs to be savored and every second of that moment has to be lived. You cannot be in the moment unless you let go off all the questions that you are thinking. A kiss should come very naturally and should never seem to be motorized. First mistake that normally people do while kissing is thinking too much. Just empty your mind and learn to be in the moment.

Bad Breath problem

This could be the biggest problem spoiling a kiss between two people. If you have a bad breath at the time of a kiss, it could backfire on you in a big way and you may never be able to kiss the same person again especially if you are kissing that person for the first time. Double check and triple check your breath before making the final dive. It could seal your fate so be extra cautious. You will have bad breath if you have eaten onion, ginger, or alcohol or even if you have smoked. Bad breath can be the biggest twister in the game of kissing. To be on the safer side, drink lots of water, gargle your mouth with water, and pop a mint gum before going in for the kiss. However, do remember to spit the gum out before kissing. You do not want the gum going from your mouth to your partner’s mouth while kissing. It can be quite annoying and a big turnoff. Additionally, if the mint is too strong, drink a sip of water to neutralize the strong taste of mint. Lastly, if you have bad breath problems get rid off it permanently, because sometimes you might have to kiss your beau without any preparation.


Give the right signals

Do not give signals so that you come out as a desperate person just thinking about kissing your partner when he or she might be talking something important to you. If you are a man, look at the girls lips but not for too long as it may make you come across as a creepy man. Just a few seconds and look elsewhere on her face, preferably her eyes. A good eye contact is very important if you want to show your right intentions. Most importantly, no matter how tempted you may be do not look at the girl’s cleavage during the intimate moment. It shows that you are desperate and do not care about kissing. If you are a girl, lean back and show positive signals like playing with your hair or your face but be careful not to cover your mouth. It makes you look unapproachable for the kiss. If none of this works and you are not sure of how your partner will respond to your kiss, do not go for the kiss. You may think a surprise factor might add oomph to the moment, but it will mostly backfire. Instead plant a very gentle and soft kiss on your partner’s cheek preferable near the lips but be very sure to not to touch the lips. Once you have kissed the cheeks stay there for a few split seconds to see if your partner responds.

Proceed gently

Once the kissing starts, it is time for you to be a little artistic. However, that does not mean to experiment at the risk of making the kiss eerie. If you are kissing your partner for the first time, proceed very gently and slowly. The most common turn off is when you go too soon into the kissing. Kissing is like an art and is meant to be done very slowly and patiently. However, it should not look like that you are planning it. The skill is to do it artistically yet subtly.

Do not press too hard

When you are kissing, do not press too hard into your lover’s mouth. A passionate kiss is not about how hard you can press your mouth against your partner’s mouth. There is a thin line between being passionate and being desperate. Some girls think that their man would like it if they press too hard to show passion. This is outright idiocy. Additionally, yes you may have seen in movies that wild and wet kiss, but do not get too inspired from those movies. No one likes it if you are too aggressive too soon. If both kissers are very comfortable with each other, you may mutually like to indulge in a wet and wild passionate kiss. But the first few kisses may not be the correct time for this adventure. Let your tongue come into play naturally and not forcefully. Girls do not like it if your tongue is moving too aggressively inside as if to give the mouth a clean wash. It is a big turnoff.

Hands placement

Hands placement play a very important role in a kiss. Do not start playing with the girls’ breasts or buttocks straight away when kissing. Control your temptation. Kissing is not about taking your girl to bed. It is about showing the love for her. Similarly if you are a girl, do not keep your hands free and not touch him at all. A guy may think that you are not interested in him. Keeping your hands at the back of each other’s head and playing with hair and neck is the idle position.

Lastly, you should know when to pull out of the kiss. Do not kiss too long for your partner to be suffocated or for too less amount of time to show that there might be something wrong. There is no wrong or right way to tell when the best time to pull out is. Just be sensitive to know the correct time and enjoy every moment till it lasts.