How To Deal With Temptation

There are so many times when we want something so badly and it is also within our reach. Sometimes it is so difficult to resist the temptation. The only problem with temptation is that it is not always for the good things. So many times we are tempted towards things which are not good for us. For instance, everyone loves to eat fatty food, but we all know that it is not good. It is very difficult to resist the temptation to eat the fatty food as our tongue is always craving for it. Despite knowing the health consequences of eating junk foods, we still end up eating a lot of them. We are not able to resist the temptation.

There are many people who have more control over themselves than the others. They are able to resist the temptation. Many people feel that they are not tempted towards things. This is not true. They too are tempted but they have a lot of self-control. They know what is right and what is wrong for them. Having said that, there are only very few people who have such self-control. It also depends upon the type of temptation. While you may be able to resist your temptation for certain things, for certain things you may not be able to resist it.


Know What You Are Tempted For

The most important step is identifying your personal temptations. Temptation is not necessarily something that you need to resist all the time. You may be tempted towards something which may be absolutely harmless. In such a case, don’t feel bad about your temptation. However, more often than not, temptations are towards things which are exactly not good for us. Good and bad of course are quite relative words. What may be good for someone could be bad for the other. When we are talking about the general perceptions, keeping that in mind we can determine the good and the bad. The perceptions could be related to society, religion, friends or family.

If your temptation is something which is the cause of the discord, then perhaps it would be a good idea to overcome it. For instance, you may be tempted towards drinking every day. This could have two fold implications. First is the health issues related with drinking. If you are drinking too much, you may be spoiling your health to a great extent. Second issue with drinking could be family related. If there is someone in your family who doesn’t like you drinking this much, and if you are still not able to control it, it may cause hostility. More often than not, when you give in to the temptation, you feel bad about it.

Dealing With The Temptation of Eating

One of the biggest temptations is food. It is very difficult for people to resist eating. There are so many junk foods available in the market and they taste so good that it becomes difficult not to eat it. But they do come with the health perils. There are many times when you decide that you will not give in to your urge for eating and you still end up eating unnecessarily. Right after eating you have the feeling of guilt. Someway or the other, this giving in to eating also makes you doubt your own worth. You start thinking that if you can’t be disciplined at such a small level, how you will have self-control for more important things in life.

Whenever you are tempted to eat what you should not, close your eyes and remind yourself that you have taken a vow. You will be more tempted when you are hungry. Immediately after reminding yourself, get something to eat which is healthy and does not make you feel bad after eating. When your hunger will subside, your craving for eating will also go away.

Dealing With The Temptation of Over Spending

Some people just can’t see extra money in their bank account. In today’s world of consumerism, the brands make their products so desirable that you feel if you don’t have one you are missing out on something. It makes people buy things that they don’t need at the first place. They make the things look tempting. This leads you into buying things which you never needed to have. But since you are tempted so much, the moment you have some money in your bank account, you immediately buy it.

After buying things you don’t need, guilt will come in two ways. First you will feel the guilt right after buying it because you know somewhere that you really didn’t need it. Second, it will come when you will actually realize that you really did not need to buy the product. So many times we end up buying things out of temptation only to realize how worthless they were. For example, you may buy a very expensive phone and only after a few days you get bored with it. It happens with everyone.

To fight this temptation, the moment you have extra money, invest it somewhere. Do not let the money stay in front of you for a long time. When you are about to buy something remind yourself of the previous experiences how you felt after buying things you did not need.

Dealing With The Temptation To Have An Affair

If you are already in a relationship and still you are getting tempted to have another affair, it should be the right time to figure out if your existing relationship is really worth having. There is no point resisting the temptation when there is nothing left in your relationship. In fact, you will not be tempted for another affair if you are serious about your current relationship.