How To Find Your Personal Style And Develop Creative Image?

By Subodh / December 13, 2013

When you are a student with recurring cash problems all you can think of is how having more money would change your personal style. But then when you grow up and become a successful career woman, who has more assets to spend on luxury goods, the situation does not change much – you suddenly do not know what to start your fashion education from or you feel that whatever you buy you cannot get out of your comfort zone and create something really special. Of course, you can hire a stylist, who will do the work for you, but it is always good to know what kind of effect you would like to achieve, also before you ask for a help. Finding out what you really enjoy, fashion-wise, can be an inspiring trip, so take a look at the steps, which lead to your own, unique style.

Make your own scrapbook

…or inspirational board, whatever works for you. The idea is to keep in one place all these outfits, which you like. When someone asks you what kind of clothes you enjoy the most, coming up with an answer might not be easy. This is why you need those graphic representations of everything you like about fashion. The inspiration may come from checking the fashion magazines, but you will often find that films, newspapers and people, who you meet everyday also expose you to trends and styles you enjoy. Gather all these ideas and with time you will notice that certain pattern emerges. This will help you determine what kind of style is your favorite.

Time for reality check

Not everything you like is going to look good on you. Unless you have a model figure some clothes probably won’t look as good on you as on these catwalk beauties. You also need to learn how to choose the right colors for your type of skin and other facial features. Finally, you need to take your age and profession into consideration, knowing which styles are right for you, and which do not suit women of your age or line of work. But do not let all this drag you down – even if your figure is far from perfect there are still almost limitless options to choose from, it is more a question of creativity. Learn simple tricks, which can make the clothes fit you better, like using a belt to enhance the shape of your waist or choosing the right cut for the pants to make your legs look longer. Choose outfits, which are made of elastic materials, so you can deal with the fitting problem or go for high quality materials to create the sophisticated look for a professional.


Learn how to accessorize

Sometimes the look of a particular outfit is based entirely on the use of accessories, so watch and learn how these looks are created. If you do not feel confident in matching different accessories start from directly coping the best examples you can find. There is nothing wrong in using someone else’s ideas and turning it into something that is your own, even the best designers have to start from copying from their masters before they find their unique aesthetic. To find exclusive, glamorous and on trend designer accessories – handbags, shoes and jewelry – visit online stores and websites offering a broad selection of handmade designer bags and other items from limited collections.

Quality over quantity

It is not about having one thousand garments in your wardrobe, it is about having these several options, which all go well together. When you buy new things try to imagine what you could wear it with instead of going for something significantly different from all the styles and trends in your wardrobe. If you can afford it, choose clothes made of the finest fabrics available. There are multiple reasons why you should choose the superior quality fabrics: they fit better, add sophistication to any outfit and do not wear out as quickly as cheap fabrics.

Don’t be a fashion victim

Being fashionable does not mean wearing Chanel from heads to toes or buying clothes you do not even like, but since they are in vogue you feel compelled to try them on. Mix the designer outfits with something vintage, bought in a thrift shop or given to you by your grandmother. Wear clothes from different collections and different designers. Buy only garments, which you find interesting, however continue exploring the world of fashion. Sometimes getting used to certain styles and aesthetics require more time and more matured and elaborated perspective. This is why fashion is never boring and with time you will notice that you are inspired by things, which you did not even consider interesting in the beginning.